Angelina Jolie does not believe Brad Pitt cheated on her with Marion Cotillard, nor is it the reason the couple broke up, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this latest fabrication. We're told it's entirely untrue.

According to the repeatedly disproven HollywoodLife, Jolie is still "furious," "mad" and "fuming" because she thinks Pitt had an affair with his Allied co-star. It should be pointed out that not only have Pitt and Cotillard publicly denied this untrue rumor, but even Jolie insiders have told Gossip Cop it's completely false, and had nothing to do with why the couple split. Still, the webloid has one of its seemingly made-up sources quoted as saying, "Angelina is obsessed with fears that Brad may have cheated on her with Marion Cotillard, 41 — even though both Marion and Brad have denied it — and that's what prompted the break-up in the first place."

Before we move on to the site's other fake quotations, let's examine the last one. No one in a real conversation notes another individual's age when speaking. And yet the creative writers at HollywoodLies, as it's known, have a so-called "source" casually noting, "Brad may have cheated on her with Marion Cotillard, 41" (emphasis supplied).

The often discredited site's same highly suspect "source" adds as another possible reasons for the breakup that "Brad said that Angie had stopped ever wanting to go out, never wanted sex anymore." Forget that the webloid veers off its originally fabricated premise that Jolie and Pitt split because she feared the handsome actor "cheated." Let's now draw our attention to this second clearly concocted quote. Remember, earlier the supposed "source" says, "Angelina is obsessed," but now the same alleged tipster claims, "Brad said that Angie had stopped ever wanting to go out." Here the person who seemingly made up the quotations can't keep track whether Jolie is "Angie" or "Angelina." Again, no real person would call someone they know two different names in a space of a few sentences.

Basically, this is a long winded way of Gossip Cop saying HollywoodLife appears to be caught once again making up a fake news story to drive traffic and dupe search engines. Irrespective of the phony-sounding sentences, Gossip Cop previously confirmed from all the parties involved that Pitt did not stray with Cotillard, and his breakup with Jolie had nothing to do with the actor's (professional) relationship with his Allied costar. Brangelina split because of the fight on the plane. It was an isolated, but marriage altering incident.

Interestingly, HollywoodLies makes no mention of the fact that Gossip Cop already busted the webloid months ago for similarly claiming untruthfully that Jolie believes Pitt had an affair with Cotillard. Of course, this is all coming from the same outlet that was exposed last week for manufacturing a series of fake news stories about Jolie dating Jared Leto. Each and every one of those tales were untrue, and the same goes for this new bogus article that alleges Jolie is "furious" because she thinks Pitt cheated on her with Cotillard.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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