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Angelina Jolie has absolutely no "urge" to call Brad Pitt because she "misses his voice," nor has he shared his reaction to her wanting to talk. Both those fabricated claims were manufactured (in two articles) over the course of 25 hours by a site known for making up stories about both stars. The truth is Jolie does not yearn for Pitt, from whom she filed for divorce and continues to this day fighting for custody of their kids.

On Friday night, HollywoodLife published yet another fake report about Jolie, quoting a so-called "source close" to the actress as saying, "Angie forces herself to resist the urge to call Brad... Angelina still misses the sound of Brad's voice." The same assuredly made-up "source" adds how Jolie "wishes she could reach out to talk to him" about everyday things, but ends up not calling. Frankly, that's all anyone really needs to read to know how bogus the website's story is.

For starters, Jolie's camp has repeatedly assured Gossip Cop how absolutely no one "close" to the actress is sharing personal information about her with blogs, and most especially with one so well-known for concocting phony reports that it's habitually referred to as HollywoodLies. Additionally, it seems the supposed "source" was made up by that outlet because no real person, who's actually connected to Jolie in any manner, would first call her "Angie" in one quotation and then switch to calling her "Angelina." More significantly, with the exception of maybe that website, most people know Jolie and Pitt are locked in an ugly divorce and custody battle, and the Oscar-winner has no desire to engage with her estranged husband.

Then on Saturday, the often discredited outlet published a companion piece about Pitt's reaction to its wholly fabricated claim on Friday that Jolie wants to call him because she misses him. The blog even wrote in its follow-up report on Saturday, "We wondered what Brad would think about that." In reality, HollywoodLies would like its readers to think — that magically from the time it posted its Jolie story — it was able to find a "source close to Pitt" who furnished the site with his precise reaction to its (seemingly fictitious) article about her wanting to call him. It bears mentioning the actor's camp has also told Gossip Cop on several occasions that many of HollywoodLife's tales about Pitt are untrue.

Among the reasons it's nearly impossible to believe HollywoodLies' latest fabricated story about how Jolie "misses [Pitt's] voice," and has an "urge" to call him, is that just one month ago the site published an article titled, "Angelina Jolie Wants Brad Pitt 'Out Of Her Life' For Good: She 'Regrets' Ever Starting A Relationship With Him." In that diametrically opposite piece, the frequently disproven outlet maintained, "The days of Angelina missing Brad have well and truly passed," and "all she wants now is for him to be out of her life."

And one shouldn't forget how the website also published in 2017 one untrue story after another, based on what it claimed were sources "close" to the actress, that swore up and down Jolie was in a romance with a mystery man, who it claimed she was preparing to wed. Obviously, those articles were works of fiction, as were the many HollywoodLies tales about Pitt's dating life that Gossip Cop similarly exposed as falsehoods.

Much like its Jolie articles, the blog contended it had sources close to Pitt who claimed he was dating Neri Oxman after being introduced by Amal Clooney. Of course, the actor and the engaged MIT professor were never romantically involved. It's also the same blog Gossip Cop busted for spreading false rumors about Pitt dating Kate Hudson. Like the aforementioned stories, the two new ones about Jolie having an "urge to call Brad" because she "misses" him, and Pitt's reaction to her wanting to talk, are completely made-up.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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