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Angelina Jolie is not begging Brad Pitt to "take her back," despite a new report that has been widely picked up. Gossip Cop can shoot down this fake news that drags Jennifer Aniston into it. Contrary to tabloid claims, Jolie has no desire to reunite with Pitt and is, in fact, pushing forward with their divorce.

The original story was first published by the Globe and then regurgitated without any fact-checking whatsoever by the equally untrustworthy New Idea, which exclaims how Jolie has "had a change of heart!" According to the magazines' stories, Jolie is "crying to friends, 'I want Brad back.'" The two reasons given for her alleged reversal of direction, maintain the outlets, is that after portraying Pitt as a "drunk and deadbeat dad," Jolie's "evil scheming could cost her custody of their six kids," and "she's fit to be tied" over Pitt's "trysting with first wife Jennifer Aniston."

To make it seem like its absurd premise is legitimate, the Globe alleges a "source" told the magazine that Jolie is a "basket case" and an "emotional wreck" because she feels she's now viewed as the "villainess in her divorce and custody battle." To resuscitate her image, contends the tabloid, she's ready to "plead with Brad to come back to her." But her alleged desire to reconnect is also a result of jealousy, claims the outlet. The publication asserts Jolie has "gone into a tailspin," because "Brad and Jen's chemistry is more intense than ever and they're both crazy about each other," adds its so-called "insider." "Angie ended up driving her estranged husband back into the arms of the woman she stole from him," continues its unnamed and seemingly made-up "source" in highly unnatural language.

In case anyone needs convincing why the tabloids' stories are untrue, far from wanting to take her third husband back, Jolie has dug her heels in deeper. In an article about how Jolie and Pitt can't stop fighting, E! News recounts how the actress slammed him last month for allegedly not paying a "meaningful" amount of child support, a claim he countered by noting he paid $1.3 million to care for their six kids and even loaned her $8 million to buy a new home.

And seriously, does anyone really believe Pitt and Aniston are together again and "more intense than ever"? In its latest piece of fiction, the supermarket tabloid's purported "source" alleges they recently "pledged their love to each other" before friends, including George Clooney and Courteney Cox. Naturally, the magazine doesn't say when or where that supposedly took place.

Gossip Cop actually debunked that fictional tale a month ago when it was part of a Globe story that asserted Pitt and Aniston were "officially in love." As opposed to the gossip media's reliance on anonymous and seemingly fabricated sources, the actress's pal Portia de Rossi confirmed Aniston and Pitt "haven't seen each other" for years. Additionally, their reps have gone on the record with us to categorically deny the two have reunited. Meanwhile, a Jolie confidante assures us the latest story is "nonsense." Gossip Cop begs the tabloids to stop manufacturing fake news about Jolie, Pitt and Aniston.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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