Angelina Jolie did not have a "showdown" with the girlfriend of her bodyguard on the New Mexico set of her movie Those Who Wish Me Dead, despite a new report. It's the latest in a series of untrue articles about Jolie and her bodyguard. Much like the previous ones, Gossip Cop can also debunk the current story.

The National Enquirer claims Jolie has a "close bond" with her bodyguard, and when his girlfriend supposedly visited the set of her film recently it "sparked a tense showdown" between the two women. After intimating there's something more going on between the actress and her protector, a source for the magazine contends, "The level of tension between Angelina, the bodyguard and his girlfriend was off the charts." The alleged tipster further maintains that during the unnamed girlfriend's two-day stay, "She would show up at random and watch Angie and the bodyguard like a hawk."

Gossip Cop is going to stop here and point out some major red flags so far with the supermarket tabloid's article. For starters, it's odd that the outlet seems to have insight into the nature of the bodyguard and Jolie's relationship and yet does not know his name. Also significant is that the quotes from the publication's "snitch" appear to be wholly fabricated. An actual person wouldn't refer to Jolie as "Angelina" in one sentence and then decide to call her "Angie" in the following phrase, such as the magazine sloppily did.

After those big-time errors, the tabloid goes on to assert Jolie and the bodyguard were attached "at the hip" until his girlfriend showed up. Prior to her appearance, claims the untraceable and seemingly made-up source, Jolie "melted" whenever she was around him and "gushed over him like he was her whole world." He was "her everything," insists the magazine. But when the unidentifiable "girlfriend" stopped by the set, Jolie retreated to her trailer, where she cried so much there were tears visibly "streaming down her face" when she finally emerged.

The tabloid has been desperately trying for some time to maintain Jolie is dating her bodyguard. Just a month ago, Gossip Cop busted the publication when it similarly claimed Jolie "melts when she's around this guy," and that they have been "inseparable." And much like that article, the current one also alleges the Oscar-winner's kids have developed a "closeness" with the bodyguard, which will undoubtedly upset Brad Pitt.

In the story from June, however, the "new suitor" pictured in the piece was a young man named Oliver Crane. He's the son of Simon Crane, who has been the stunt coordinator for or assistant director of several of Jolie's movies, including Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil. Gossip Cop has learned that Oliver works for Jolie's family and is close to the kids, but is not involved romantically with her in any manner. It also bears mentioning how it's been widely reported the actress is not dating at all these days, and is focused only on her children and career.

And, of course, not once in its mistake-filled report does the Enquirer provide any evidence whatsoever that Jolie has embarked on a romance with her nameless bodyguard, or that this person's purported girlfriend was on the set of Those Who Wish Me Dead for a couple of days. Still, Gossip Cop checked in with an individual in Jolie's camp, who's not authorized to speak on the record, and we're assured the whole story is "not true."

Gossip Cop is not entirely surprised by the falsity of the report, considering how many times we've corrected the outlet. Just around this time last year, we exposed the tabloid for a phony cover story about how Jolie collapsed amid her custody battle with Pitt. That never happened.

Additionally, just a few months ago, Gossip Cop nailed the magazine for a front page article that wrongly claimed Jolie was dying and leaving her fortune to Maddox, while cutting out her five other kids. That too was nothing more than a work of fiction. Maybe the outlet should have a "showdown" with its Jolie sources, who have proven to be repeatedly unreliable.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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