Angelina Jolie Ditched On Blind Date?

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Angelina Jolie Blind Date

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Angelina Jolie Blind Date

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Was Angelina Jolie ditched on a blind date? A new report claims she was set up in London, only for the guy to leave after 30 minutes. Gossip Cop can reveal why this story doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

The suspicious article appears in the pages of the National Enquirer, which quotes a so-called “tattletale” as saying, “Angie got set up by a mutual matchmaking pal in London, who hooked her up with a wealthy stockbroker.” The supermarket tabloid contends the “prearranged meet-n-greet crash-landed when Angelina arrived with two girlfriends in tow.”

The untraceable source goes on to allege, “The handsome bachelor got turned off by the entourage, so after half an hour of awkward chitchat, he used that ol’ getaway trick: taking a phone call, faking a ‘business emergency’ and saying he had to leave.” Concludes the magazine, “Talk about a girl interrupted…”

Gossip Cop has a lot of questions. One, if this was a date, as alleged, why did Jolie bring gal pals with her? Two, when did this “rotten blind date” take place? Three, where did Jolie and the “bachelor” meet up? Four, which “girlfriends” accompanied Jolie? Five, why are there no pictures of this group outing? Six, why did the “mutual matchmaking pal” think Jolie and the “wealthy stockbroker” would be a good fit? Seven , is Jolie going to try to meet up with this unnamed guy again? Eight, will the purported matchmaker try setting her up with someone else?

The supposed “tattletale” doesn’t provide any of these key details, which suggests this piece was entirely manufactured. In fact, there is not a single shred of evidence to back any of the claims up. Additionally, in March, People reported Jolie is not dating anyone and “will not be.” It was further revealed she has “no interest in dating at all.” This was corroborated by E! Online, which reported that Jolie is “very focused on her kids,” and “doesn’t have a lot going on outside of that,” aside from work obligations.

There is no indication that anything has changed. In contrast, there are at least eight signs this “blind date” narrative was made up. Furthermore, the tabloid has a clear history of peddling bogus information when it comes to the actress’ love life. Twice in March of 2017, the magazine wanted readers to believe Jolie was dating a “mystery man.”

Then last August, the outlet announced Jolie was done dating men. But this past January, the Enquirer was among the gossip publications that spread false claims about Jolie dating Cambodian rapper PraCh Ly. This latest tale doesn’t explain what happened with him or the “mystery man,” or what ever happened to the Oscar winner swearing off men. Of course, as pointed out above, there’s a lot missing from this article. That’s because it was entirely fabricated, just like these other examples.


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