Angelina Jolie Acted Like “Big Kid” In Toy Store Made-Up By HollywoodLife

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Angelina Jolie Big Kid Shopping Children

By Holly Nicol |

Angelina Jolie Big Kid Shopping Children

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A new report from HollywoodLife alleges Angelina Jolie “acted like a big kid” while on a shopping trip with her children in a toy store, but the outlet is simply playing games with the truth. Gossip Cop can expose the webloid’s lies.

According to the often disproven website, Jolie and her kids recently paid a visit to a “local toy store,” where Jolie “played around herself.” A so-called “source” tells the outlet, “Angelina came in on Sunday with the kids and wandered the aisles for a bit while she let the kids pick and choose which toys they wanted.” The alleged “eyewitness” further contends, “The boys immediately made a beeline for the Legos and almighty Nerf Guns, calling dibs on the best ones,” before adding, “[Jolie] was like a big kid herself as she played with many of the demo units and even built a couple of Lego structures.”

The site’s seemingly non-traceable insider goes on to purport, “[Jolie] was totally enjoying herself. She encouraged the kids to get things that were not only fun, but educational as well.” “They left with a few Lego sets, Leapfrog tablets, Hot Wheels and Nerf Guns to the tune of around $1,000 bucks. The kids were ecstatic as they left and looked to be setting up for an amazing play date,” concludes the webloid’s questionable tipster.

Even the most casual Gossip Cop reader can spot HollywoodLife’s lazy reporting skills. It appears the entire article and its premise is based on paparazzi photos of Jolie and her children walking out of a toy store. But if the site had actually done research, it would have discovered and identified that the shopping spree took place at the Toys R Us store in the Los Feliz section of L.A., instead of glossing over the facts and simply stating it took place in a random “local toy store.”

Notwithstanding the blog’s reputation, which has earned it the nickname HollywoodLies, Gossip Cop looked into the story and no one from the store could confirm the account of Jolie acting “like a big kid” at the Toys R Us in Los Feliz. Additionally, we’re further told that no one other than the cashier at the time of purchase would know how much Jolie spent, and staff at the store would most assuredly not publicly share that kind of information.

This is hardly the first time Gossip Cop has busted the untrustworthy website for manufacturing articles about Jolie. Earlier this month, we caught the outlet making up a story about how Pitt and Jolie’s kids would “love for them to get back together.” Much like that fabricated report, the latest tale about Jolie at the toy store is equally phony.

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