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Angelina Jolie is not having a baby with a "secret lover," despite a new report. Gossip Cop can correct this seemingly made-up story about her having a child with an unnamed "philanthropist." We're exclusively told it's "nonsense."

The claim comes courtesy of Star, which has printed a bunch of doozies over the years about Jolie. In its latest article, the tabloid alleges that Jolie is "glowing from within." And even though the magazine wants to give the impression that the actress is already pregnant, it later notes that she and her unnamed wealthy "philanthropist" boyfriend, who she supposedly fell in love with in "early 2016," are hiring a surrogate so that they can have a baby together.

The publication quotes a so-called "insider" as saying, "Angie likes the idea of becoming a mom again." The tabloid further maintains that after her marriage with Brad Pitt broke up, "She didn't know if she'd ever find someone with whom she'd want to have another child. But Angie is serious about this guy." Glaringly, the magazine doesn't even have the name of "this guy," who Jolie's purportedly been dating for nearly a year and a half and with whom she's allegedly going to have a baby. But that's hardly the only problem with the outlet's new story.

The magazine reiterates in its report that Jolie began dating her unnamed boyfriend "15 months ago," but they couldn't go public because he was still married. Its questionable "insider" then adds, "Angie wouldn't even consider having a baby with him as long as his situation was unresolved, but now his wife has finally agreed to end the marriage, and Angie feels the timing is perfect."

Later in the article, the tabloid mentions that Jolie's boyfriend has a personal worth that's "said to top $1 billion," and he's ready to spare "no expense" for their baby. Then, towards the end of the magazine's story, its supposed "source" reiterates that Jolie "has a very intense and close connection with this man, and now they're taking this huge step together." That's nice, but what's the name of "this man"?

Suspiciously, the tabloid doesn't know anything about "this man" or "this guy," as it alternatively refers to him, and yet it has the gall to claim its "insider" has learned that the actress's daughter Shiloh "can't wait to help her mom out with the baby and even though Knox and Vivienne have promised to lend a hand." That same seemingly made-up "source" also tells the outlet that when "Angie told the kids about her baby plans, they were absolutely delighted." Once again, what's the name of the purported father-to-be?

Let Gossip Cop begin by stating the obvious, which is that the story is untrue. Interestingly, the magazine didn't realize when it crafted this article that it claims Jolie was dating this unnamed and untraceable individual for a full six months before she and Pitt announced they were getting a divorce. Nowhere in the report is the overlap explained or is there a reference to her allegedly cheating on Pitt. Regardless of the sloppiness, inconsistencies, and vagueness of the claims made by Star, Gossip Cop still fact-checked with a Jolie confidante who assures us the tabloid's tale is "nonsense."

It's worth pointing out a few other flagrant mistakes in the magazine's story. While this new reports asserts Jolie and her "mystery man" began seeing each other in March 2016, it oddly doesn't note the Star cover story from December 2016 that had the headline, "Angie's Regret: I Want Brad Back!" In that article, the tabloid had a source who said, "She's now regretting her decision to leave [Pitt]." Curiously, nowhere in that story did the outlet mention the unnamed "philanthropist" who, at that point, Jolie would've been dating for nine months. Basically, the publication can't keep track of its lies.

Then, in January 2017, the same magazine ran a cover story about how Jolie and Kate Hudson having a "showdown" at the Golden Globes. Remember, Star is the same untrustworthy tabloid that Gossip Cop busted when it made up the totally fictitious narrative about Pitt dating Hudson and her being pregnant with his baby. That, of course, was also a lie. There was no "showdown" between Jolie and Hudson, the actress doesn't want Pitt back, and the current story about her and an unnamed "philanthropist" having a baby together via a surrogate are all fabrications.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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