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HollywoodLife, which routinely manufactures fake news about Angelina Jolie, tries to dupe its readers in a new article into believing it has an exclusive about how the actress is "anxious to fall in love again." The story, however, is completely fabricated and is filled with a number of made-up quotations from a seemingly fictitious "source close close to Angelina."

For the record, Gossip Cop has been told on several occasions from a member of Jolie's camp that no one "close" to the actress is sharing personal information with a site so known for its falsehoods that it's often referred to as HollywoodLies. What's more, despite the blog now claiming Jolie has been "putting her kids' lives before her own when it comes to finding love," that same untrustworthy outlet previously spun story after story for months about her being in love with a mysterious British billionaire and even being on the verge of marrying the unnamed (and actually nonexistent) man. Basically, as we've noted before, the online publication just makes up lies, and then when it's caught, it simply moves forward without ever acknowledging its deceitful practices.

In its latest piece of fiction, the website asserts Jolie is "itching to get back on the dating scene." To bolster its made-up tale about the Oscar-winner wanting to find love and be in a relationship, the often discredited blog has an almost assuredly make-believe "source" quoted as saying, "Angie is a mother first and a actress second... the thing that takes the back seat is her quest for love." The same apparently fictional insider adds, "She'd love to be with someone but... she is not holding her breath."

That's interesting, considering last April HollywoodLies began crafting phony stories about how Jolie was having secret rendezvous in Malibu with her "new man," who the site described as a "handsome British entrepreneur with strong political ties," yet curiously he had no name. In one particular work of fiction, the website's fake "source" swore all of Jolie's dates were "behind closed doors," and that "Angelina finds the secrecy of their romance sexy and exciting."

Angelina Jolie New Man


Other tall tales from HollywoodLies even stated that Jolie was "getting married" to her unnamed rich British boyfriend, first in the new home she bought herself in L.A. and then in Cambodia. In the fabricated article about her exchanging vows in Asia with the mystery Englishman, the website shared phony details about the nuptials, including how it was going to take place on a wildlife reserve and Jolie was going to have "Shiloh, Zahara, and Vivienne as bridesmaids and Maddox as the groom's best man... Pax will DJ and bake the cake for the reception."

Incredibly, even after Gossip Cop exposed the site for its pattern of lying, it published yet another made-up claim just three weeks ago about Jolie dating Cambodian rapper PraCh Ly. In that bogus report, the outlet said Jolie was "smitten" and that she and Ly were a "perfect match." Not once did HollywoodLies question whether the romantic was real.

Angelina Jolie Wedding


And yet, after all of its well-documented lies about her supposedly being on the verge of marriage or recently falling "hard" for Ly, the outlet would now like its visitors to believe it has "exclusive" information about how Jolie is "anxious to fall in love again," but is holding off on dating and a relationship. For the record, like many single moms, the actress has put her love life on the back burner for her kids. In Vanity Fair's cover story about Jolie in September, which was even titled "Angie Solo," she discussed at length how she's "now doing it alone," without a man in her life.

Irrespective of her own words, HollywoodLife continued to publish fake news stories about Jolie's alleged romances until it came up with its new phony article about how she's suddenly "itching to get back on the dating scene." Despite its track record for manufacturing bogus reports, Gossip Cop still fact-checked with a Jolie confidante, and we were told unequivocally that no one close to the actress is discussing her love life with that site. Our impeccable insider says the blog's latest claims are nothing more than bad guesses and lies.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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