Angelina Jolie In ‘New Romance’ With Director Alfonso Cuaron?

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Angelina Jolie Alfonso Cuaron

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Angelina Jolie Alfonso Cuaron

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Is Angelina Jolie in a “new romance” with Roma writer-director Alfonso Cuaron? That’s the question a website poses in the headline of a new story designed to lure visitors to a frequently inaccurate blog. While the outlet doesn’t answer it, Gossip Cop can.

On Sunday, RadarOnline published a piece it titled, “New Romance? Angelina Jolie And Handsome Alfonso Cuaron Attend Roma Screening Together – See The Photos.” While the blog posted a handful of pictures of Jolie at a Saturday screening of Roma with Cuaron and the film’s stars, its story doesn’t offer one word of proof that the actress and the director, who won both Best Foreign Language movie and Best Director of a Motion Picture at Sunday’s Golden Globes, might be in a “new romance.” Rather disingenuously, the often discredited site simply slapped the words “new romance” on top of its report without fully addressing it.

Angelina Jolie Alfonso Cuaron Romance


At the end of its article, which also wrongly claims Jolie will do a tell-all interview about Brad Pitt, the site notes she appeared to be in “great spirits” at the screening. It then floats, “It could be that 57-year-old Cuaron has been making her happy.” It’s true they’ve been friendly ever since Jolie presented Cuaron with the Best Director trophy at the 2014 Academy Awards, but there’s nothing to indicate they’re more than that.

Additionally, alongside a photo of Jolie posing with the film’s co-stars Yalitza Aparicio and Marina de Tavira at the screening, there’s a caption that reads how the actress “seemed delighted to be in handsome Cuaron’s company as the pair chatted to one another at the screening.” That’s followed by another image, also in which Cuaron is not pictured, along with a caption that states she “has not had any public relationships and has been very private since splitting with Brad Pitt.” Basically, the website has nothing to support its premise that Jolie may now be in a “new romance” with Cuaron.

Here is what Gossip Cop knows. While Cuaron recently split with his girlfriend of four years, Sheherazade Goldsmith, he is not dating Jolie. As far as Oscar-winning actress is concerned, Gossip Cop has been repeatedly assured by a Jolie confidante that “she’s not dating at all, and is focused on her children and career.” Jolie’s attendance at the Roma screening at the San Vicente Bungalows in Los Angeles was professional. We’re not entirely surprised by the flimsy, new “romance” report, having previously busted RadarOnline on several occasions for its bogus Jolie stories.

Just last week, Gossip Cop exposed the site for making up a completely fictitious tale about Jolie’s kids wearing gender-neutral clothes allegedly sent to her by Celine Dion. Dion’s rep even went on the record to tell us the article was nothing short of a total fabrication. And before that, we corrected the same outlet when it falsely maintained Jolie was dating a mystery British man. Much like those stories, the latest one about Jolie and Cuaron possibly being in a “new romance” is similarly untrue.


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