Is Angelina Jolie too cash-strapped to afford finalizing her divorce from Brad Pitt? That's the latest from the tabloids, but Gossip Cop can reveal the truth.

In article titled "Angie's Cash Crunch," OK! claims divorce proceedings have "stall[ed]" because "Angie simply can't afford to finalize the split right now." In addition to recently spending millions on a new home, "There are the endless bills for childcare and security for her family of six kids, and no hit movies on the horizon," contends the tabloid. A so-called "source," sounding like he or she just checked Wikipedia and IMDB, is quoted as saying, "Her last blockbuster was Maleficent in 2014, and her movie with Brad, By The Sea, was a flop."

And since her Netflix film, First They Killed My Father, is not expected to "bring in the big bucks," the gossip magazine's supposed snitch maintains, "Angie's got to start making more commercial films if she wants to maintain her lifestyle... [She] needs to attach herself to big Hollywood films, which she's loathe to do." What's more is the outlet alleges Jolie and Pitt are "also being sued for $770,000 for unpaid bills for work on their French chateau."

But if OK! was actually in-the-know, it would know that assertion is inaccurate. The former couple is all paid up in that matter, and the only ongoing dispute is over artistic credit and attribution for the work. It is not an ongoing financial issue. Furthermore, the publication fails to mention that while, yes, there are bills for childcare and security, Jolie is not footing the expenses on her own. Pitt, of course, is a financial contributor. Both have millions in the bank, and they will continue to regardless of the divorce.

And while the estranged spouses still need to work out a settlement and are negotiating over money and other factors, the proceedings have not come to a standstill, as this story falsely claims. It's simply a complicated process that takes time. Gossip Cop is told Jolie's personal cash-flow has nothing to do with the speed in which the divorce is finalized. In fact, we already busted this tabloid last December for wrongly claiming Jolie was going broke in the wake of the split. This is now a second untrue story on the same topic.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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