Angelina Jolie NOT Adopting Baby With “British Boyfriend,” Despite Report

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Angelina Jolie Adopting Baby British Boyfriend

By Andrew Shuster |

Angelina Jolie Adopting Baby British Boyfriend

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Angelina Jolie is not adopting a baby with her nonexistent “British boyfriend,” despite a new webloid report that’s inaccurate on a number of levels. Gossip Cop can bust this manufactured claim.

The website Celebrity Insider references an old and false In Touch story claiming the actress had wanted to adopt a seventh child with Brad Pitt before they divorced last year, but he had always refused. Now, the outlet is putting its own spin on the previously debunked report and alleging Jolie is “in a rush to finalize her divorce” because she’s eager to adopt a child with “her mysterious British boyfriend.”

Of course, there is no such “boyfriend.” That false narrative first emerged when In Touch published a made-up cover story earlier this month that untruthfully contended Jolie was getting married to a wealthy British philanthropist. Gossip Cop exclusively shot down that tale, and we’ve subsequently corrected many similar claims. In fact, a confidante of the actress recently told us Jolie herself heard about the British boyfriend rumors, and insists they’re unfounded.

The site, however, then goes on to cite a bogus HollywoodLife article about Jolie having a secret rendezvous in Malibu with her “mystery man.” Gossip Cop also busted that fabrication, despite websites like Celebrity Insider insisting on still spreading fiction. Basically, the latest article combines the false rumors of Jolie’s supposed “adoption” plans with the fake news of her having a “British boyfriend.” Together, it’s just one big lie.

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