Angelina Jolie “Adopting Again” Speculation Is Fake News

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Angelina Jolie Adopting Again

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Angelina Jolie Adopting Again

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Angelina Jolie is not adopting more kids simply because she was spotted with a group of children at Disneyland. Gossip Cop can reveal what’s really going on with this fake news.

On Friday, Jolie took daughter Shiloh to the Disneyland theme park in Anaheim to celebrate her 11th birthday, which falls on Saturday. They were joined by a number of other people, including children from Cambodia. The kids were a mix of friends Shiloh made while staying in the country with her famous mom, and included some of the child actors that appeared in Jolie’s movie, First They Killed My Father. Shiloh and Jolie specifically invited the kids to the U.S. in celebration of Shiloh’s birthday, as the tween wanted to show her pals what life in America is like. That also included a visit to the La Brea Tar Pits.

RadarOnline purchased paparazzi photos of Jolie and Shiloh with the children, and used them for a story headlined, “Adopting Again? Divorced Angelina Jolie Spotted With More Kids!” The article similarly begins, “Angelina Jolie was spotted with some extra kids in her brood this week — has she adopted more children?” Alongside the intrusive photos, the webloid again asks, “Has Angelina Jolie secretly added some children to her ever expanding family?”

The site goes on to note that Jolie and her own kids were “joined by several unidentified children of Asian decent.” But since the outlet has no evidence that this means an adoption is the works, it’s merely said that the actress “has been vocal about her continued openness to future adoptions,” and pointed out that “the newcomer kids all seemed to be getting along with Shiloh.” The publication even goes on to wonder whether Brad Pitt “know[s his family] could include more than six kids at this point?”

Missing from all this speculation is the context that Gossip Cop outlined above. RadarOnline either failed to do any research or willfully ignored the facts about Jolie’s outing to score traffic off a sensationalized story. In either case, the webloid leapt to its adoption conclusion just because the Oscar winner was with kids of foreign descent, which is not only not how journalisms works but also kind of racist. Jolie may in fact adopt in the future. But that’s not what this hangout was about.

This is also the second time this week that the site has used paparazzi photos of Shiloh for clickbait. As Gossip Cop previously highlighted, the outlet falsely clamed just days ago that Shiloh was playing basketball to “avoid” her parents “nasty split.” Just like now, the unscrupulous publication bought paparazzi photos of a child and built a fake news narrative around it without any proof to back up its assertion. The exploitation of Shiloh then was bad enough. It’s now even worse that RadarOnline has chosen to feature unsanctioned photos of innocent kids whose only crime, so to speak, was to celebrate Shiloh’s birthday.