Angelina Jolie Never Adopted Baby With ‘British Boyfriend,’ Despite Report A Year Ago

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Angelina Jolie Baby British Boyfriend

By Andrew Shuster |

Angelina Jolie Baby British Boyfriend

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Angelina Jolie never adopted a baby with her so-called “British boyfriend,” despite a false report from a year ago claiming the actress was planning to do so. Not only has Jolie not taken in another child, but she hasn’t even dated anyone since her 2016 split from Brad Pitt.

On April 24, 2017, Gossip Cop called out Celebrity Insider for wrongly reporting Jolie would be adopting a seventh child with “her mysterious British boyfriend,” who was said to be a wealthy businessman and philanthropist. The unreliable outlet provided virtually no details surrounding the actress’s supposed adoption plans, such as the regions being explored. Naturally, the blog had no real insight about Jolie’s supposed “boyfriend” either.

Gossip Cop debunked this story as soon as it emerged 12 months ago, and time has proven it all false. The actress obviously never adopted another kid in the year since the bogus article was published. As for her “British boyfriend,” People reported just last month that Jolie “has no interest in dating” and hasn’t even thought about her love life since her 2016 split.

As Gossip Cop recently noted, rumors about Jolie’s “British boyfriend” first began around this time last year when In Touch published a made-up cover story about the actress getting married already to a “wealthy, 40-something Brit.” Outlets such as Celebrity Insider and HollywoodLife spread this false narrative for months until it became abundantly clear there was no British suitor in Jolie’s life.

A full year has passed since the blog purported that Jolie was adopting a baby with her “British boyfriend,” and there’s still no adopted child or boyfriend to be found. A mutual pal of ours and Jolie told us last year on the condition of anonymity that the reports on the subject were “beyond ridiculous.” That remains the case 365 days later.

As opposed to adopting new babies and walking down the altar with British men, E! News recently noted that Jolie has been solely “focused on her kids” since her breakup. The actress also spent much of the past year traveling the world with her children, promoting her Netflix movie First They Killed My Father and attending red carpet events in support of the film. As you can see, time is rarely a friend to the tabloids, but it’s one of Gossip Cop’s biggest allies.


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