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Are the children of Angelina Jolie ruining the neighborhood? One tabloid believes the whole clan are nightmarish neighbors. Gossip Cop can debunk this phony story.

With the subheadline, “coddling star lets brood scream & howl during lockdown antics,” The Globe makes their phony story crystal clear. Beyond implying that she’s a bad mother, the tabloid asserts Jolie’s children, despite living on a two-acre estate with 11,000 square feet of home, are still loud enough to upset the neighbors. “Noise travels” claims an anonymous “insider,” who says the neighbors find all the “shouting, laughing and having a great time” to be “rude and inconsiderate.”

Publicly available photographs of the $24.5 million estate prove that it is surrounded by trees and tons of land, which makes it unlikely that any noise six children could make would escape unbuffered into the neighbors palatial homes. Gossip Cop is debunking this story. It’s inane. We spoke to a source close to Jolie who denied the story as being absurd and untrue.

The article seems to think Jolie’s kids are younger than they are. The included photographs of Jolie’s children show each of them as elementary school age when in actuality they range between 12 to 18, with five of six being teenagers. The insider says these teenagers “run, jump, thump and everything in between” because they are “at that exuberant stage and excitable.”

Teenagers aren’t really in an excitable stage. This isn’t to say teenagers aren’t capable of making a lot of noise, any age can be noisy. However, this tabloid is deliberately making them out small children and not teenagers. This helps the narrative that Jolie has somehoe lost control and would make her look worse. It's a shameful and untrue story to publish.

This tabloid has repeatedly pushed bogus stories about Jolie. In April, they had a story about Jolie being on the hunt for women. That article made her come off as a predator when in reality she is a doting mother who isn’t interested in dating anyone right now. Included in that anyone would be her ex-husband Brad Pitt, whom this very same tabloid said was planning a family vacation for himself, Jolie and the kids. Family vacations are almost impossible now because of the pandemic. Gossip Cop busted that story too, as Jolie and Pitt have no plans to reconcile either.

This whole “neighbor from hell” narrative is a common one in tabloid media. Star ran a story in May claiming that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were the “worst neighbors.” Gossip Cop busted that story as people “keeping to themselves” in a gated private neighborhood would hardly qualify as anything other than perfectly expected. It was just an attempt to make the couple look bad, just as this article was an attempt to disparage Jolie.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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