Angela Yee, Gucci Mane “The Breakfast Club” Video: DJ Denies Sex With Rapper

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Angela Yee Gucci Mane Video

By Shari Weiss |

Angela Yee Gucci Mane Video


Angela Yee had an awkward interview with Gucci Mane on Friday’s “The Breakfast Club,” with the rapper claiming she once tried to have sex with him. See the video below.

Mane was on the Power 105.1 show to promote his new album, The Return of East Atlanta Santa, which officially drops today in an exclusive partnership with Apple. But about halfway through the radio interview, after Yee paid him a compliment, he revealed they had “history.” Her colleagues were shocked, asking if they “smashed.”

“Of course not,” Yee insisted, but Mane said, “She did try.” “That’s a lie,” she announced, and he said right back, straight-faced, “I am not lying!” That prompted Yee to again insist, “I was not on your d*ck. Stop it!”

Mane, however, went on to claim Yee once texted him, asking him at what hotel he was staying. At this point, Charlamagne Tha God started cracking up over the exchange, seemingly delighting in watching his co-worker and the performer go back and forth. And the two continued to spar over who was telling the truth.

Yee told Mane, “You must got me confused with somebody else.” But then the music star started offering up some specifics. Still, Yee swore, “On my unborn child, I have never hit [up] Gucci.” By the end, both seem a bit pissed off. Watch below, beginning at the 14-minute mark. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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