Andy Samberg Emmys Monologue: Watch 2015 Emmy Awards Opening Here!

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Andy Samberg Emmys Monologue Video

By Shari Weiss |

Andy Samberg Emmys Monologue Video


Andy Samberg opened the 2015 Emmy Awards on Sunday with a hilarious monologue about television and the state of the entertainment industry in general. Watch below!

The 67th annual Emmys ceremony kicked off with a pre-taped bit in which Samberg was ridiculously behind on his television. The actor-comedian then broke into song, singing, “So many shows, so little time. I’m just one man. How can I possibly keep up?” He then locked himself into a bunker to watch “every show,” and emerged months later as a hairy, crazed, mad man.

Jon Hamm, Kerry Washington, Nathan Fillion, and Will Forte made cameos, and Samberg went on to sing about every single show he watched. Of course, that made him the perfect person to be chosen to host the Emmys, and the epic musical number eventually led to him taking the stage at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. Samberg then gave a more traditional introduction before amusingly saying, “Justin Timberlake is not coming.”

Samberg went on to highlight the “futuristic set,” and had a priceless reaction when he realized Bill Cosby had once hosted the Emmys, too. With a nod to Jared Fogle, he quipped, “Not a good year for dudes who love hoagies.” Jane Lynch next came on stage as the “mean nun” from “Game of Thrones” shouting “shame,” showing the new way they’ll get winners off stage. Samberg then got some applause for noting improvements in diversity, before getting laughs when he cracked, “Racism is over. Don’t fact-check that!”

Samberg then targeted Donald Trump, saying, “Sure, Donald Trump seems racist. What else?” And then quipped, “Sidenote: Is it just met, or does Bernie Sanders look like his flight is always delayed?” Jokes about Arnold Schwarzengger, Paula Deen and even Kim Davis followed. “It’s ironic she came out of jail to ‘Eye of the Tiger’ when you consider how many dudes have boned each other to that song,” said the funny man.

“True Detective” was the butt of another joke, and Samberg later started a “celebrity beef” with Amy Poehler. At the end he declared, “Alright, let’s give away some mother-humpin’ Emmys!” Samberg, of course, is best known for “Saturday Night Live,” but currently stars on FOX’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” Check the full opening and monologue below!


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