Andy Cohen “Live With Kelly” Video: Watch BFFs Co-Host!

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Andy Cohen Live Kelly Video

By Shari Weiss |

Andy Cohen Live Kelly Video


Andy Cohen joined BFF Kelly Ripa to co-host Thursday’s “Live with Kelly.” Watch below!

As Gossip Cop has reported, a number of male stars have been sitting in with Ripa since Michael Strahan exited the talk show earlier this month. Some are in contention to replace him, and while Cohen has said he has too many jobs to take on one like this, there’s no denying some viewers are rooting for him to get the gig. And the pair was greeted with loud cheers when they made their entrance on today’s show.

Ripa said to Cohen afterward they sat down, “I’ve got to tell you, that is for you! That was a very enthusiastic response.” He quipped in reply, “I’m now awake!” The Bravo personality went on to reveal they “both came in a little hazy this morning.”

“It was shotski night on my show last night, and it was shotski night at the Consuelos house last night,” Cohen said, referencing the ski board he uses to do shots from on “Watch What Happens Live.” That prompted Ripa to clarify, “Well, we didn’t use a shot ski. We used shot glasses.”

The conversation segued to the weather, which led Cohen to remark, “You know how I know it’s almost summer? The dog poop is starting to smell on the street.” And their natural chit-chat continued from there. Ripa even later said she felt like they made the day’s episode just for Cohen, as his idol Susan Lucci was going to be on as one of the guests. Check out the entire opening video below!


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