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Are Andy Cohen and Jenny McCarthy feuding over radio show guests? New reports claim things are "heated" between the longtime friends "behind closed doors." Gossip Cop investigated, and we can now reveal the truth.

McCarthy has hosted "The Jenny McCarthy Show," formerly known as "Dirty, Sexy, Funny with Jenny McCarthy," on SiriusXM since 2014. Cohen launched "Radio Andy" for the platform, a channel that features multiple shows, including "Andy Cohen Live," in 2015. This week, sister outlets the National Enquirer and RadarOnline are running virtually identical stories claiming the two personalities are in "constant competition over who gets the biggest celebrity interview guests."

"Howard Stern gets all the big-name celebrities but all the people that he doesn't want go to the other shows, leaving the station's other hosts, Andy Cohen and Jenny McCarthy, to fight over who gets who," the same so-called "source" is quoted as saying in both articles. Apparently this "source" is unaware that Cohen and McCarthy aren't the only other emcees besides Stern. Sirius has a long list of notable hosts, which includes Maria Menounos and Sway Calloway, just to give two examples of others who frequently interview celebrities for the airwaves.

But the tabloid and the website are claiming a booking issue solely exists between McCarthy and Cohen. "All the reality stars want to do Andy's show but Jenny gets better ratings and her interviews are less about her than Andy's," claims their untraceable tipster. The supposed snitch goes on to assert, "Internally there is a huge battle over guests and the station loves it when their hosts make news. Internally that place has been set up like The Hunger Games!"

There's two problems with those last contentions. One, Cohen and McCarthy have never made "news" for battling over guests or in any way clashing over their radio shows. Two, a working environment "set up like The Hunger Games" wouldn't be very a very successful business. In The Hunger Games, the goal is to be the last person standing in a fight-to-the-death competition. But in the radio world, the more successful shows Sirius has, the better off the company is. So it wouldn't make sense for the network to have its hosts at odds with one another at the risk losing one of them.

But there are other issues here are as well. Nowhere does the magazine or the blog acknowledge that McCarthy and Cohen are so friendly, they've appeared on each other's programs. In May, for instance, McCarthy posted on Instagram about having Cohen on her radio show. And a YouTube video of their chat shows how well they get along, with the two starting off by professing their love for one another.

At the end, McCarthy declared to Cohen, "You're the only celebrity that I love." She also plugged his radio show, saying, "I love that you're part of the family," to which he replied, "Me too." Meanwhile, she has been on Cohen's "Watch What Happens Live" a few times, including last fall, when McCarthy and husband Donnie Wahlberg even played "Spin The Bottle" with him. During the segment, McCarthy and Cohen happily locked lips twice.

Clearly, there is a lot of affection between them, as well as support for each other's endeavors. Lastly, being on one radio show doesn't preclude a guest from being on another. Derek Hough has been on McCarthy's Sirius show multiple times, but in June he appeared on Cohen's radio show, too. Sometimes stars even appear on both shows around the same time. When Tatum O'Neal visited Sirius in late March, she did interviews with both McCarthy and Cohen, and popped by Michelle Collins' show, too.

To recap, the National Enquirer and RadarOnline claim McCarthy and Cohen are feuding over radio guests, but Gossip Cop easily found instances of stars appearing on both programs. In fact, as the O'Neal example shows, it is not uncommon for guests to visit Sirius and simply make the rounds, appearing on a variety of shows. The sister publications also give the impression that Cohen and McCarthy don't get along, when they've actually been friends for years, with videos showing how close they are. And if there was a rivalry between them, as alleged here, they certainly wouldn't be appearing on each other's programs. It seems the gossip outlets are just feuding with the facts.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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