Andy Cohen Slams Donald Trump LGBT Tweet

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Andy Cohen Donald Trump LGBT

By Shari Weiss |

Andy Cohen Donald Trump LGBT

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Andy Cohen slammed Donald Trump on Tuesday, and then got into a debate with his Twitter followers over the presidential candidate and LGBT issues.

In the wake of the mass shooting at a gay club in Orlando, Trump tweeted this afternoon, “Thank you to the LGBT community! I will fight for you while Hillary brings in more people that will threaten your freedoms and beliefs.” The presumptive Republican candidate gave no context for his tweet, but he is hardly known for being in favor of gay rights.

And that’s what enraged the openly-gay Cohen, who fired back in all-caps, “DONALD YOU ARE AGAINST GAY MARRIAGE! IS THAT FIGHTING FOR US????” Trump hasn’t responded, but plenty of Cohen’s Twitter followers did. @erikm0nster angrily replied, “Andy stfu so was Hillary until she decided it was a right move in her political career.”

Cohen in turn responded, “Well guess what – she is for gay marriage now and that’s all that matters!” @DanR2830 told the “Watch What Happens Live” host, “You can’t get married if you are dead! #HardTruth #JusticeForPulse #AmericaFirst #MakeAmericaSafeAgain #LGBTForTrump.” That led Cohen to exclaim, “Great so he will kill us then deny us the right to get married.”

The back-and-forth continued with @erin_ech403, who tweeted, “He’s not going to take the right of your away! Your argument is invalid.” Cohen in turn pointed out, “Then why is he still saying he is against it?” The Bravo personality went on to rub some more people the wrong way with his next exchange.

“@Andy How does Hillary taking millions upon millions of dollars for her foundation from governments that ban and kill gays help your cause?” asked @Camcopgh1. Cohen responded, “She is using the dirty money to fight for gay rights? I got no problem with that.” And when @sylrei63 argued, “Andy I love you but just because someone is against gay marriage does not mean they will not fight for you,” he replied, “He ain’t fighting for us!”

The ongoing debate stayed contentious when @VotingFemale tweeted, “Poor @Andy. Doesn’t get the diff between Gay Marriage & Death By Islamic Homophobia. #nra #maga #tcot #copolitics.” Cohen shot back, “I don’t get the difference between you and a complete moron.” @geniebabe32 also said, “He’s not against gay marriage. However Hillary was. I know ur not that stupid,,,,or are u?”

He replied, “[Trump] has said many times he is against gay marriage. Hillary was against it and changed on the issue as did Obama.” Lastly, @Oasis0000 wrote to Cohen, “TRY AND FOLLOW ALONG- HE SAID HE HAS AN ISSUE WITH ISLAMIC EXTREMIST KILLING AMERICANS- are you really this daft Andy?” Cohen noted in response, “No one is FOR extremists killing Americans.” And with that, the exchanges stopped.

Suffice it to say, Cohen, along with a number of other celebrities, won’t be voting for Trump in the general election. The GOP candidate does have some star supporters, though. As Gossip Cop has reported, those in Trump’s corner range from Kirstie Alley to Mike Tyson.

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