Anderson Cooper “Live With Kelly” Video: Watch Co-Host With Kelly Ripa!

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Anderson Cooper Live Kelly Video

By Shari Weiss |

Anderson Cooper Live Kelly Video


Anderson Cooper co-hosted “Live with Kelly” with Kelly Ripa on Wednesday for the first time since Michael Strahan left the show last month. Watch below!

As Gossip Cop has reported, Cooper is believed to be in the running for Strahan’s job. We recently debunked a report falsely claiming Ripa would quit if he didn’t get the gig. But it is true the longtime friends like working together.

And on today’s live show, the pair received enthusiastic cheers from the audience, prompting Ripa to ask, “Who better to spend hump day with than Anderson Cooper?” They then began to banter about their age, before discussing a recent Hamptons hangout. Cooper then made fun of her for bringing a gold swan float for the pool, which took “six hours” for them to blow up. Naturally, the two had photos to show the audience.

Their chemistry continued to show as Ripa made fun of Cooper for dancing backstage, which let to them demonstrating right there on stage. “Get your cameras ready,” Ripa told the crowd. And with his closeness, she went on to joke, “We just made a baby.”

The quips continued when Cooper revealed his “panic” over the show’s upcoming exercise segment. “I don’t think America’s ready for my pale, skinny chicken legs,” the journalist fretted. Check out the full opening video below!


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