Anderson Cooper Cries Reading Orlando Shooting Victims’ Names (VIDEO)

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anderson cooper cries orlando

By Jesse Spero |


Anderson Cooper could not hold back tears as he read the names of the victims from the shooting at the Orlando gay nightclub Pulse, where nearly 50 people were killed. Watch the emotional video below of Cooper crying.

On Monday night, Cooper reported for CNN near the scene of the devastating massacre in Orlando. The veteran newsman began, “They were more than a list of names. They were people who loved and were loved. They are people who had families, friends and dreams. And the truth is we don’t know much about some of them, but we want you to hear their names and a little bit about who they were.” He then read names of the 49 victims.

As Gossip Cop reported, after pledging his allegiance to ISIS, gunman Omar Mateen opened fire inside the gay nightclub early Sunday morning. Following an initial killing spree, Mateen held people in the club hostage for hours before SWAT swarmed the establishment and shot him dead. In addition to the 49 murdered, Mateen injured another 53 innocent individuals. The incident is now the worst mass shooting in U.S. history.

As Cooper read the long list of names, shared some details about their lives and photos flashed on the screen, the news anchor began to choke up. “We think it’s important that you hear their names,” he added at the end. Watch the powerful video below of Cooper reading the Orlando shooting victims’ names.


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