Amy Winehouse Family Slams ‘Amy’ Documentary About Singer As “Misleading”

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Amy Winehouse Documentary

By James Crugnale |

Amy Winehouse Documentary

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Amy Winehouse’s family is upset about Amy, a new documentary about the late singer’s life that they say is “unbalanced,” “misleading,” and contains “untruths.” The Winehouse family says they want nothing to do with Asif Kapadia’s Amy, which is set for release at the Cannes Film Festival in May. See a trailer for the documentary below.

While Kapadia’s film had initially received support from Winehouse’s family, they now say they want to “disassociate themselves from the forthcoming film.” According to a statement on behalf of the Winehouse family, instead of using the “opportunity to celebrate her life and talent,” the documentary is filled with information about the family that’s “misleading and contains some basic untruths.” The Winehouses feel, “The narrative is formed by the testimony of a narrow sample of Amy’s associates, many of whom had nothing to do with her in the last years of her life. Counter views expressed to the filmmakers did not make the final cut.”

A spokesperson for the film, however, defended the documentary, stating, “We approached the project with total objectivity. We conducted in the region of 100 interviews with people that knew Amy. The story that the film tells is a reflection of our findings from these interviews.”

Winehouse’s father Mitch reportedly “felt sick” after seeing the documentary, and said, “Amy would be furious. This is not what she would have wanted.”

Watch the trailer below for the documentary for Amy, and tell us whether you’re interested in seeing it.


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