Amy Vachal “The Voice” Audition Video: “Superstar” Gets Standing Ovation

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Amy Vachal The Voice Audition Video

By Shari Weiss |

Amy Vachal The Voice Audition Video


Amy Vachal received a standing on “The Voice” on Tuesday, during season 9’s last episode of blind auditions. Check out the video below!

The contestant revealed her love of music started when she was a little girl and listened to her dad’s Grateful Dead cover band. Later it was a future employer who encouraged her to perform, and it all led her to “The Voice” stage with “Dream A Little Dream Of Me.” Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani and Pharrell all hit their buttons, and Shelton could even be heard saying as she sang, “Please, lord! Please pick me!”

After a standing ovation from the coaches, Adam Levine explained that his team was now full, as Gossip Cop reported earlier, “otherwise I would’ve turned around first.” He went on to tell Vachal, “Not only am I sad that I didn’t get to turn for you, but you could win this whole thing.” In fact, Levine became increasingly upset that he was automatically out of the running, and later said she was one of the greatest and prettiest contestants ever.

Meanwhile, Stefani told Vachal, “First of all, I don’t have a beautiful Pocahontas, fairy princess, angel-like singer on my team… I just don’t want you to get seduced by the fact that Pharrell is so…. cute. It’s distracting. And then there’s Blake, who is very… handsome.” The No Doubt front woman insisted, “I can really help you on this journey, because I did it already. I feel like we could have such a connection… You are my dream princess.”

After Vachal said she wanted to “blur the lines” of music genres, Pharell offered, “I would be unbelievably appreciative to have the opportunity to aid you in that journey… You actually could do that with Gwen. You could even do that with Blake. But let me be the guy that can help you explore that side.”

And Shelton admitted, “I’m already sad right now, just thinking that I don’t probably seem like the right guy for you. But let me say this, I know that I’m looking at a superstar.” Well, he was right that Vachal would want someone else. She picked Pharrell, leading Shelton to tell him, “You just won the show again.” But it’s not over yet, especially since Shelton vowed to steal Vachal later on. Watch it all go down below!


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