Amy Vachal And Madi Davis “The Voice” Knockout Video: Adam Levine And Blake Shelton Fight For Steal — WATCH!

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Amy Vachal Madi Davis Voice Knockout Video

By Shari Weiss |

Amy Vachal Madi Davis Voice Knockout Video


Amy Vachal and Madi Davis sparked a coaches’ battle on Monday’s “The Voice,” during the first knockout episode of season 9. Check out the video below!

The two soulful, brunette beauties were forced to face off by their coach, Pharrell. During a mentoring session with guest advisor Rihanna, Davis was called “brilliant,” while the superstar encouraged Vachal to ditch her guitar. They both ended up winners, however.

Following Vachal’s take on Etta James’ “A Sunday Kind Of Love” and Davis’ rendition of “A Case Of You” by Joni Mitchell, the panel gushed over both performances. Adam Levine expressed his continued regret that his team was full by the time Vachal auditioned, and Gwen Stefani found herself “mesmerized” by Davis. But when Pharrell said, “I actually feel like both of you guys won,” he had no idea how right he was.

After declaring Davis the showdown’s official winner, Levine literally could not wait to hit his button for the Vachal steal. But he knew it wouldn’t be that easy. “He’s going to wait til I start talking,” Levine said of nemesis Blake Shelton, who indeed pushed his buzzer right then.

Reflecting on her blind audition, Shelton told Vachal, “I remember begging because I believe you are a star. You’re still one of my favorite artists that’s auditioned for this show ever. And I’ve won this show a bunch of times.” Levine reminded the contestant that he was thinking at the time, “I thought, ‘Wow, this girl could win this whole thing and I didn’t even had a chance…’ I really do believe you can win this whole thing.”

That left Vachal with a really hard choice to make. Going with her gut, she chose Team Adam, and Levine FINALLY got his girl. And the move used up his only steal of the knockout round. Watch the videos below!


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