Amy Schumer Accused Of Stealing Jokes From Late Comedian Patrice O’Neal (VIDEO)

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Amy Schumer Steal Jokes Patrice Oneal

By Andrew Shuster |

Amy Schumer Steal Jokes Patrice Oneal

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Amy Schumer is being accused by some social media users of stealing jokes from late comedian Patrice O’Neal, and using them on her HBO stand-up special “Live At The Apollo.” Watch the video below to compare both acts.

Towards the end of her new special, which premiered on Saturday night, Schumer explains to the audience the details of some unusual and outrageous sex acts with which they might not be familiar. One of the positions is known as the “Abraham Lincoln,” while the other is called the “Houdini.”

However, a video has emerged of O’Neal’s set at the 2007 Just For Laughs festival in Montreal, where he told some undeniably similar jokes about abnormal sexual activities. In his bit however, the same sex acts described by Schumer are known as the “Gorilla Mask” and the “Poltergeist.”

After a Twitter user brought the controversy to Schumer’s attention, she wrote back, “Thanks man. I have never seen that Patrice bit but I will watch today. I love and miss him.”

As Gossip Cop reported, O’Neal passed away in 2011 at the age of 41 after suffering a stroke. He and Schumer happened to have been good friends, with both regularly performing together at Comedy Central roasts. Following his death, Schumer tweeted, “Brilliant, unafraid, unapologetic. You inspired me and kept us all honest #RIPPatrice.”

Compare Schumer and O’Neal’s acts in the video below, and tell Gossip Cop what you think.


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