WATCH: Amy Schumer ‘SNL’ Monologue Jokes About Being Engaged To Bradley Cooper (VIDEO)

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Amy Schumer SNL

By Michael Lewittes |

Amy Schumer SNL


Amy Schumer opened her “SNL” monologue by talking about how it’s an “exciting time for women in Hollywood.” She then mocked how the Kardashians have changed their looks before joking about how she’s hung out with Hillary Clinton and is engaged to Bradley Cooper. See the video below of Schumer’s “Saturday Night Live” monologue.

Schumer joked that the Kardashian now look like a “suggestion” of what they used to look like. She said, “We used to have Khloe. Khloe was ours… until she lost half her body weight,” adding, “She lost a Kendall.”

Next, Schumer talked about giving her 18-month-old niece a bath and having to wash the little girl’s behind and vagina. She said she lightly washed her niece’s rearend like when she knew at night “I wasn’t hooking up with anyone.” As for the youngster’s vagina, Schumer said, she “Tinder swiped” it.

Schemer then went into how she talked to Hillary Clinton about drinking. Clinton told her she doesn’t drink because it’s “hard cause I’m busy,” before noting she likes vodka, beer, and wine, and tequila, but only when someone makes her. Schumer cracked, “Who’s making you drink tequila?”

After that, Schumer said she met Bradley Cooper, and they talked for so long, she changed her Facebook status to “engaged” to Cooper. That was followed by jokes about being hacked, but not having anything interesting to read or steal.

This is the first time Schumer has hosted “Saturday Night Live.” As Gossip Cop reported, earlier on Saturday she shared on Twitter some good-humored advice she received from Kevin Hart, who has previously hosted “SNL” twice. He joking texted her, “If you get nervous during your monologue just tell the audience you know me. I promise it will help. Or you can Face Time me but I probably wouldn’t be able to pick up because I’m busy doing stuff.” He added, “I’m trying to help… you know what [expletive] it… you will be fine… I hope… God Bless.” Hart later tweeted, “Good luck chump….Ur going to be great.”

Schumer is on a roll these days. Her film Trainwreck came out in July, and she recently won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Variety Sketch Series for her show “Inside Amy Schumer.”

Check out the video below of Amy Schumer’s “SNL” monologue, and Gossip Cop us what you think.


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