Amy Schumer Texts Katie Couric’s Husband: “I Want To Have Anal Tonight” (VIDEO)

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Amy Schumer Katie Couric

By Andrew Shuster |

Amy Schumer Katie Couric

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Amy Schumer admitted on Wednesday’s “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” to once swiping Katie Couric’s phone and texting her husband, “I want to have anal tonight.” Watch Schumer’s hilarious story in the video below!

Schumer told Fallon she met Couric at the 2015 Glamour “Women of the Year” Awards, and that the veteran newswoman turned out to be a big fan of hers. “She’s like, ‘I just love you. I love humor,'” Schumer recounted of her conversation with Couric, who then sat at her dinner table, along with Stephen Colbert and Mindy Kaling.

Schumer then explained that at one point in the evening, “Katie is like ‘Oh my God. My husband is here. He wasn’t invited. This is so embarrassing.'” The comedian said Couric got up from the table to talk to her husband, financier John Molner, but left her phone behind. “She left her phone open to a text from him,” Schumer told the audience, which collectively gasped, knowing the irreverent actress well enough to realize that something bad was coming next. “Don’t worry, I didn’t do anything,” Schumer assured the crowd, “except… I picked it up and, without even thinking, texted him, ‘I want to have anal tonight,’ and I sent it.” Fallon was left speechless as the audience erupted in laughter. Schumer tried to defend herself: “I didn’t even think about it. It happened so fast!”

Schumer related that when Couric returned to the table, “[Katie] and her husband are like, ‘So we’re leaving. I don’t know why… he wants to leave.'” Watch Schumer tell the hysterical story in the video below.


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