Amy Schumer Asked About Illuminati, Snorts “Drugs” With Bill Hader (VIDEO)

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Amy Schumer Illuminati Video

By Shari Weiss |

Amy Schumer Illuminati Video


Amy Schumer is asked about the Illuminati and snorts “drugs” with Bill Hader in a new interview from their Trainwreck promo tour. Watch the videos below.

The co-stars sat down with Australia’s Bondi Hipsters, Dom and Adrian, who had a series of crazy questions. Schumer and Hader hilariously played along, pretending to be mock angry about the queries. The whole thing turned into a wacky comedy bit.

The guys started out explaining they want to do an “honest interview,” where they “ask the questions that nobody else would.” First up: “Amy, your career has suddenly exploded worldwide. Congratulations. How did you get into the Illuminati?” Schumer tried to deny her involvement, but Hader didn’t exactly help.

Schumer was then forced to admit her boyfriend is a squirrel, only for Hader to be asked, “Bill, is the only reason Leo DiCaprio hasn’t won an Oscar because he hasn’t f*cked a squirrel on a blood moon?” And after vowing not to do any more Illuminati questions, Schumer is asked, “When you threw yourself at Kanye West’s feet, was that to pledge your allegiance to Jay Z and Queen B so that when the polar ice caps melt, they’ll let you on their secret Illuminati train to Antarctica, and that when the f*cking world gets covered in water, you’ll be given a golden ticket?”

That last query set Schumer over the edge, leading her to lash out and storm away with Hader. The two ultimately returned for some actual questions about movie-making, before the group snorted fake drugs together and got “high.” Check out both videos below to see the, uh, trainwreck in full.


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