Amy Schumer Dating Black Man Story Not True

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Amy Schumer Dating Brother Black Man

By Shari Weiss |

Amy Schumer Dating Brother Black Man

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Amy Schumer is NOT “dating a brother,” despite a report sensationally linking her romantically to a black male companion simply because they dined together. Gossip Cop can correct the story.

MediaTakeOut exclaims in yet another outrageous headline, “Is Comedian AMY SCHUMER… Now Dating A BROTHER… She Was Spotted Leaving a LUNCH DATE…. With A Black Man!!! (Is She Doing This… Cause People Called Her RACIST??)”

The accompanying story states, “Comedian Amy Schumer was spotted out yesterday in SOHO, New York. The popular comedian was having a lunch date with a male companion — who is African American. Amy made sure to pose with the man for paparazzi photos.”

“The timing of Amy’s paparazzi photographed lunch date is a little suspicious,” the webloid goes on to write. “A few weeks ago, the Guardian newspaper scrutinized some ‘racially insensitive’ jokes from her recent stand-up special as well as jokes she told while hosting the MTV Movie Awards.” The site then quotes a tweet from Schumer in which she denied being racist in response.

But, uh, MediaFakeOut might want to check a calendar. The Guardian published its story about Schumer NOT “a few weeks ago,” but in June 2015, nearly a full YEAR ago. That’s when the star’s tweet is from, too. So, no, the “timing” of her “lunch date” is NOT “suspicious.”

More importantly, though, the outing has nothing to do with combating any perceived racism. She was simply out with someone who happens to be black. Furthermore, Schumer has been publicly dating Ben Hanisch for months, and last Gossip Cop checked, he is not a “brother.” MediaFakeOut shamefully and inaccurately strikes again.


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