Amy Schumer Critics’ Choice Awards Video: Watch MVP Award Acceptance Speech!

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By Shari Weiss |

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(A and E)

Amy Schumer received the MVP Award at Sunday’s 2016 Critics’ Choice Awards. Watch below!

Schumer’s honor was announced by the Broadcast Film Critics Association last Tuesday, with the official Critics’ Choice Twitter account tweeting, “A Trainwreck? We beg to differ. Congrats to #CriticsChoice MVP Award recipient @amyschumer!” Now at the ceremony, which was held at the Barker Hangar at the Santa Monica Airport, the special presentation began with a tribute from Judd Apatow, the director of Trainwreck.

Apatow actually began with some stand-up jokes, riffing on both the Golden Globes and the Critics’ Choice Awards. He dropped some f-bombs as he ragged on drama movies, and then said he’d be giving an award to the “funniest person in the world.” Apatow joked, “They made up an award to get her here — that’s how made-up these awards are!”

“Who’s had a bigger year than Amy Schumer ever?” asked the funny filmmaker, before rattling off Schumer’s accomplishments from the past year. “It really is remarkable. She’s the nicest person I know. She’s hysterical, and bold, and courageous, and a perfect comedian for this moment.”

Following a montage, Schumer took the stage to a standing ovation, and gave a speech filled with her usual self-deprecating, deadpan humor. “Sit down, now you’re going to resent me because you had to stand,” she told the crowd before introducing herself as “plus, plus-size actress Amy Schumer.” Schumer then recalled the first time she met Apatow, and how amazing it was to make their movie together.

To the critics, Schumer said, “I felt very seen and heard by you guys and understood.” She then gave a random shout-out to Reggie Watts, and then said to herself, “This is so boring. I’m so sorry, you guys. Shut up, Amy, no one cares.” Schumer went on to give more thanks, and then got bleeped when she talked about her female parts.

Schumer also mentioned her recent nude portrait, and how everyone called it “brave.” “That’s what you want everyone to say when a naked photo of you goes viral,” she cracked. Continuing to ramble, Schumer told the star-studded crowd, “I’m allowed to be indulgent. I’m never going to get an award again.”

Schumer closed by thanking various business associates, as well as her family and her girls on Long Island. With new boyfriend Ben Hanisch sitting in the audience, Schumer cutely said, “Hi, Ben,” and gave a little wave. She closed by very seriously adding, “I want to thank Mayci Breaux and Jillian Johnson, who died in Lafayette because a mentally ill person got their hands on a gun, but we can end gun violence together.”

Schumer went into the night also nominated for Best Actress In A Comedy, which she won. That time, her shoe seemed to break as she went to the stage, and she joked about the audience having to hear from “this bitch” again. Schumer went on to say she would “go down” on fellow nominee Lily Tomlin, and attempted to interview the trophy girl.

In addition, Trainwreck was nominated for Best Comedy, and her co-star Bill Hader was up for Best Actor In A Comedy. Last year, Schumer won Best Actress in a Comedy Series at the Critics’ Choice TV Awards for “Inside Amy Schumer.” Check out full video of Schumer’s awards, plus highlight clips, below.


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