Amy Poehler Fined For High Water Use At Beverly Hills Home

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Amy Poehler Fined Water Use

By Andrew Shuster |

Amy Poehler Fined Water Use

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Amy Poehler was recently fined by Beverly Hills officials for using too much water in her home, despite California experiencing a historic drought. The comedic actress was one of several people in the entertainment industry to receive such a penalty in recent months.

Poehler was charged more than $2,200 for using more than 170,000 gallons of water between May 14 and July 14 of last year. For comparison, the average Los Angeles family uses around 13,000 gallons of water per month. As a result of the city’s excessive water consumption, state regulators fined Beverly Hills last year. The city subsequently sent letters to the various culprits, urging them to reduce their high water use.

To put a spotlight on the situation, the city’s method included penalizing celebrity wrongdoers, some of whom live in large mansions with several bathrooms. In addition to Poehler, music mogul David Geffen was charged more than $30,000 for using around 1.6 million gallons at his estate during a two-month period.

Despite most celebrities being able to afford the high water bills, Beverly Hills Mayor Julian Gold urged residents in a statement to “conserve water irrespective of their financial status.” So far, the city’s crackdown on famous offenders seems to be working. In January, Beverly Hills cut its water usage by 26 percent, more than double from the month before.


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