“America’s Got Talent” Results: Who Are The Last 5 Finalists?! (VIDEO)

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Americas Got Talent Reuslts September 9 2015

By Shari Weiss |

Americas Got Talent Reuslts September 9 2015


“America’s Got Talent” revealed the last five finalists for season 10 on Wednesday!

As Gossip Cop reported, the last group of semifinalists performed live at Radio City Music Hall on Tuesday. Piff The Magic Dragon and his deadpan comedy-magic slayed the judges, Sharon Irving’s “Imagine” performance had the judges calling her a “superstar,” and Paul Zerdin receiving a standing ovation for making Howie Mandel be the dummy in his ventriloquism act. But of the 11 acts that hit the stage, less than half could move on to next week’s finale, joining the other five finalists announced last week.

As per usual, host Nick Cannon began by revealing which acts, in no particular order, placed fourth, fifth, and sixth based on viewers’ votes. They were video-mapping dance group Freelusion, stand-up comedian Gary Vider, and ladder acrobat Uzeyer Novruzov. It was then up to America to vote on Twitter for who they wanted to save, and Vider was hoping to win redemption for the second time after previously winning the save to go from the quarterfinals to the semifinals.

Then it was announced which three acts automatically made it through to the finals after receiving the most votes. They were Piff, professional regurgitator Stevie Starr, and Zerdin. Shockingly, Irving, who was Mel B’s Golden Buzzer pick from the initial auditions, was outright eliminated.

With minutes left in the results show, Novruzov found out he won the Twitter save, perhaps from sympathy votes since he fell off his ladder the night before and repeatedly begged for a second chance. That left it up to the judges to decide whether Vider or Freelusion should be the last finalist. Heidi Klum, who has admitted to not liking Vider’s comedy much, gave her vote to Freelusion. Howie Mandel wanted to “be true to myself,” and cast his vote for fellow comic Vider. Mel B, struggling with how different the two acts are, ultimately voted for Freelusion.

And then Howard Stern voted for Vider, too, believing Freelusion “faltered” with their last performance. That meant the vote was tied, though, meaning the decision would now be based on viewers’ original votes after all. And with that, Cannon revealed Vider received more votes and was therefore now going to the finals (see video below).

To recap: Next week’s season 10 finale will have magician Derek Hughes, mentalist Oz Pearlman, stuttering comedian Drew Lynch, singer-guitarist Benton Blount, The CraigLewis Band, Piff The Magic Dragon, Stevie Starr, Paul Zerdin, Uzeyer Novruzov, and Gary Vider all competing for the $1 million prize. And there’s not a single woman in the bunch. TELL US: Which act do YOU want to win?


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