“America’s Got Talent” Results: First Finalists Revealed!

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Americas Got Talent September 2 2015

By Shari Weiss |

Americas Got Talent September 2 2015


“America’s Got Talent” revealed the first finalists for season 10 on Wednesday’s results show.

As Gossip Cop reported, the semifinals began on Tuesday. Eleven of the 22 semifinalists took the stage at Radio City Music Hall for another around of live performances. Stuttering comedian Drew Lynch once again had the audience in stitches, video dance act Siro-A received a standing ovation from all four judges, and 12-year-old opera singer Arielle Baril was called a “winning act.” But only five could be chosen as finalists.

Host Nick Cannon first revealed that, in particular order, rocker Benton Blount, singer Samantha Johnson, and duo The CraigLewis Band were in jeopardy of going home after placing fourth, fifth, and sixth after America’s votes were tallied. The inclusion of The CraigLewis Band was particularly surprising, as they had received some of the most enthusiastic feedback. The news also meant Johnson’s hopes of continuing on rested on winning the Twitter save for a second time, as that’s what got her from the quarterfinals to the semifinals.

Cannon next revealed which three acts automatically made it to the finals based on America’s votes. They were magician Derek Hughes, mentalist Oz Pearlman, and Lynch. Shockingly, both Siro-A and Baril, who were Golden Buzzer acts, didn’t make the cut and were given the boot.

It was later announced Blount surprisingly had won redemption via the save. The power was then given back to the judges to decide whether Johnson or The CraigLewis Band should get the fifth and final slot. Heidi Klum voted for Johnson, and Mel B did, too. Howard Stern gave his vote to The CraigLewisBand, and then so did Howie Mandel, making the first tie of the season.

The tie-breaker was America’s original vote, and it was revealed The CraigLewis Band had received more than Johnson. With that, she was heartbreakingly eliminated. Next week, the remaining 10 semifinalists will compete in hopes of also making the finale. TELL US: Are you surprised by tonight’s results?


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