“America’s Got Talent” Results: First Season 11 Semifinalists Revealed!

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America's Got Talent Results July 27 2016

By Shari Weiss |

America's Got Talent Results July 27 2016


“America’s Got Talent” had its biggest elimination so far on Wednesday with the first live results show of season 11. Find out who was eliminated and who’s moving on to the semifinals below!

As Gossip Cop reported, the “AGT” quarterfinals kicked off on Tuesday with 12 acts taking the stage to perform live for the first time. Among the standouts were 14-year-old “AGT” singers Jayna Brown and Laura Bretan, who opened and closed the show, respectively. The judges also all gave a standing ovation to NFL player Jon Dorenbos.

But of those 12 acts, only seven could stay in the competition, and America had most of the say for the first time this season. After last night’s votes were tallied, host Nick Cannon revealed the five contestants who would automatically be moving on. They were high school choir Musicality, Brown, Bretan, Dorenbos, and mime Tape Face.

Meanwhile, knife-throwing couple Deadly Games, visual illusionist Hara, and tween comedienne Lori Mae Hernandez were in jeopardy after finishing sixth, seventh, or eighth, though the exact order wasn’t revealed. Viewers chose to instantly save Hernandez through online voting (similar to “The Voice”) to take the sixth spot in the semifinals. And that left it up to the judges to chose between Deadly Games and Hara for the final slot.

Heidi Klum cast the first vote for Deadly Games, while Mel B then voted for Hara. Simon Cowell gave his vote to Deadly Games, and then it was up to Howie Mandel. But he also chose Hara, splitting the vote. The tie meant it would be up to the original viewer vote… and the act chosen was Deadly Games!

And with that, Hara was eliminated at the last second. Among those also eliminated were Cannon’s Golden Buzzer act, the 90-year-old dancer Dorothy Williams. Next week, the 2016 quarterfinals will continue with the next group of 12 acts having their own turn in the spotlight in hopes of making the semifinals. Check out video of tonight’s results announcement below!


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