“America’s Got Talent” Results: First Season 11 Finalists Revealed!

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America's Got Talent Results August 11 2016

By Shari Weiss |

America's Got Talent Results August 11 2016


“America’s Got Talent” revealed the first finalists of season 11 on Wednesday. Get the full results below!

As Gossip Cop reported, the 2016 semifinals kicked off at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood on Tuesday. During the live broadcast, there were a number of standing ovations from the judges. The standout moments included Sal Valentinetti singing “That’s Life,” Jon Dorenbos’ latest magic trick, and Grace VanderWaal performing “Light The Sky,” another original song.

But while 11 acts took the stage, tonight only five could go on to the upcoming finale. And three automatically advanced based on the viewers’ votes. Not surprisingly, they are: VanderWaal, Valentinetti, and Dorenbos.

Meanwhile, among those heartbreakingly eliminated were Chicago choir Musicality, teen comedienne Lori Mae Hernandez, and guest judge George Lopez’s Golden Buzzer pick, Malevo. But three acts were in jeopardy, after placing fourth, fifth, and sixth in the vote tallies, though the exact order wasn’t revealed: family band Edgar, teen opera singer Laura Bretan, and mime Tape Face. America could only send one of them to the finals.

And it was Tape Face who won the instant Dunkin Save through online voting during the live results show. That left Edgar and Mel B’s Golden Buzzer choice, Bretan, in contention for the final spot, with their fates up to the judges. Heidi Klum cast the first vote for Bretan, and of course, Mel then did, too.

Howie Mandel, however, voted for Edgar. That put the pressure on Simon Cowell, who admitted, “This is what I was dreading.” But he voted for Bretan, giving her the majority vote and the win.

The season 11 finale will take place on September 13 and 14. But first, the remaining semifinalists, including wild card act Passing Zone, will compete next week to see which five additional acts will also be in the final round. Watch video of tonight’s results announcement below!


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