“America’s Got Talent” Results: More Season 12 Semifinalists Revealed!

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Americ's Got Talent Results August 23 2017

By Shari Weiss |

Americ's Got Talent Results August 23 2017


“America’s Got Talent” revealed more semifinalists for season 12 on Wednesday’s results show. Find out who made the cut and who was eliminated below!

As Gossip Cop reported, the 2017 “AGT” quarterfinals began last week with 12 of the Top 36 acts competing for seven of the semifinal slots. On Tuesday, last night, the second group of 12 performed in hopes of earning one of the next seven spots. To say this episode had its highs and lows would be an understatement. The live, two-hour broadcast ended with a standing ovation for deaf singer Mandy Harvey, but earlier in the show, there was controversy due to technical malfunctions affecting both dance group Light Balance and escape artist Demian Aditya.

The latter issue contributed to the night’s most dramatic moment. Judge Mel B walked out after Simon Cowell jokingly compared Aditya’s underwhelming stunt to her wedding night. Though the colleagues often playfully banter with each other, this seemed to cross a line with the singer, who is currently going through a divorce from her allegedly abusive husband, Stephen Belafonte. The Spice Girl threw her drink on the music mogul and stormed off, before returning for the final two acts, including Harvey. After all that, viewers had to cast votes on which contestants deserved to make it through to the next round.

Now on the results episode, host Tyra Banks began by revealing which three acts fell in the middle of the pack. They were not automatically out of the running, but had to win either the Dunkin’ Save or the Judges’ Save to stay in the NBC talent competition. In jeopardy, she announced, were magician Eric Jones, singer Evie Clair and singing group The Masqueraders.

Next, Banks unveiled the five acts that scored enough votes to secure places in the semifinals. They were Light Balance, Harvey, singer Johnny Manuel, singer Celine Tam and dancer Merrick Hanna. For earning the lowest amount of votes, dance group Brobots & Mandroidz, animal trainers Pompeyo Family Dogs, Aditya and song-and-dance twins Mirror Image were eliminated. Now to fill the two remaining vacancies, it was announced Clair had won the Dunkin’ Save based on the ballots cast during the broadcast. That left it up to the judges to decide whether Jones or The Masqueraders should win redemption and take the last remaining slot.

Heidi Klum was the first to vote, picking The Masqueraders. Mel B, however, chose Jones. Simon Cowell then said to him, “I really, really like you. But I like The Masqueraders more.” Howie Mandel, though, voted for Jones, tying the judges’ vote for the second week in a row. That meant the power reverted back to America, who originally awarded Jones more votes than The Masqueraders. Therefore, he won the save and the singers were out.

Now after two weeks of results, the 14 semifinalists so far are a capella group In The Stairwell, comedian Preacher Lawson, singer Angelica Hale, ventriloquist Darci Lynne Farmer, rollerskating siblings Billy and Emily England, singer Christian Guardino, singer Yoli Mayor, visual dance group Light Balance, singer Mandy Harvey, singer Johnny Manuel, singer Celine Tam, dancer Merrick Hanna, singer Evie Clair and magician Eric Jones. Next week, the quarterfinals will conclude with the final 12 acts. Gossip Cop will have full coverage.

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