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While "America's Got Talent" often makes headlines for its incredible contestants, sometimes it's the judges who are in the spotlight. And that's not always a good thing. Below, check out five rumors Gossip Cop has corrected about Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B., Howie Mandel and more of the NBC competition's famous faces.

More than a year ago, RadarOnline claimed in March 2017 that Ryan Seacrest was in talks to replace Nick Cannon as the host of "AGT." With Cannon opting to quit the show after a dispute with executives and producers, a so-called "source" said of Seacrest, "This is an opportunity that has opened up and he is jumping at it... Ryan's team sprung into action. They have made it clear that he wants this job." But when Gossip Cop investigated, we learned he hadn't had any discussions about joining the reality show. What's more is that Seacrest himself had already said reteaming with Cowell after their "American Idol" days was only a "rumor," and not something he was actually pursuing. Of course, just days later, NBC revealed Tyra Banks would be the new "America's Got Talent" host, and a few months after that, Seacrest signed on to host ABC's "Idol" revival.

Last May, right around the premiere of the 12th season, Life & Style tried to make waves by alleging Klum was in a feud with Banks and thought "two supermodels on one show is one too many." It was claimed Klum deemed Cannon "irreplaceable," angering Banks, and a supposed snitch even predicted, "Expect plenty of eye rolls this season from Heidi and Tyra." The tabloid, however, ignored the fact that Klum welcomed Banks to the show on Twitter. And in a direct blow to the magazine's contentions, Klum and Banks had already gushed about working together in an interview. Klum even said, "We're used to seeing Nick coming onto the stage, but I have to say, she fit right in there."

After the season ended last fall, RadarOnline offered up another tale, this one claiming Cowell wanted to ban kids from auditioning for "America's Got Talent" going forward. With two kids, Darci Lynne Farmer and Angelica Hale, as the first and second place finishers, it was alleged the judge was "worried" the hit series was "turning into a kiddie show." Amid a purported "fear" that "next year no one older than 15 will even bother auditioning," it was alleged the new season was "going to be very different with new rules." An "AGT" source, though, assured Gossip Cop that Cowell wasn't trying to change any age guidelines, and it's since become clear our debunking was correct. So far, the 13th season has featured everyone from an 11-year-old impressionist to a dancing elderly couple. In other words, it's still business as usual.

It should be noted there are even untrue stories about the judges between seasons. Last November, the National Enquirer ran a crazy article contending Klum and Mel B were "lovers." They were described as "smitten with each other," and it was said Klum wanted the singer to "spice up her life." This, however, was nothing more than an outrageous exaggeration of the colleagues' close friendship. In fact, Mel B had even posted on Instagram days prior that Klum was her "best friend." There wasn't anything more going on then, and there still isn't now. Klum has been dating Tom Kaulitz for several months.

And sometimes the gossip media even spreads misinformation about the "AGT" panelists and their past reality shows. In December, for example, it was claimed by the Enquirer that Mandel wanted an invite to Meghan Markle's wedding because she had previously worked with him on "Deal Or No Deal." An alleged tipster was quoted as saying, "It would be nice if Meghan invited him. Howie gave her career a big boost." A rep for the comedian, however, assured Gossip Cop the story was made-up. Furthermore, just days before the royal nuptials, Mandel admitted he didn't even remember Markle being on the program. He did amusingly joke, though, that he felt "shunned" over not getting an invitation.

But what's not funny is when tabloids and its online peers choose to spread fiction over fact. And, as demonstrated here, even something as innocent as a family-friendly reality competition can be twisted into gossip fodder. With "America's Got Talent" still among TV's most watched series, Gossip Cop will continue to keep an eye out for any bogus rumors related to the show and its stars.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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