American Idol Reveals Top 8 Girls After Four Women Are Eliminated – RESULTS!

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American Idol XIV

By Shari Weiss |

American Idol XIV


“American Idol” revealed the eight girls that will continue on to the season 14 live episodes on Thursday, and eliminated four women. Together with the eight remaining men, they comprise the Top 16. Get the results here!

As Gossip Cop reported, the Top 24 was recently announced, and the 12 men and 12 women in the group took the stage last week in competition for America’s votes. Four contestants of each gender, unfortunately, had to be eliminated based on the results. On Wednesday’s show, it was revealed Savion Wright, Riley Bria, Michael Simeon, and Trevor Douglas were all cut. Now it was the ladies’ turn to face their fate on Thursday’s episode.

Like with the guys, all the female singers were prepared to perform at the Fillmore in Detroit for a Motown-themed night, but found out whether they survived the cut when Ryan Seacrest called names throughout the episode. The four girls left at the end, the ones not asked to perform, were the ones eliminated for receiving the lowest amounts of votes. They were: Shi Scott, Lovey James, Katherine Winston, and Shannon Berthiaume.

Scott and Berthiaume were well-liked by the panel of judges, but had struggled in recent weeks. Winston hardly had any screen time until last week, putting her at a disadvantage when it came to capturing viewers’ votes. And Lovey James’ YouTube following apparently wasn’t enough to keep her in the running.

The remaining eight girls left in the competition are: Tyanna Jones, Sarina Joi-Crowe, Joey Cook, Adanna Duru, Maddie Walker, Loren Lott, Jax, and Alexis Gomez. To make the Top 16, they join the eight men: Clark Beckham, Quentin Alexander, Daniel Seavey, Mark Andrew, Rayvon Owen, Nick Fradiani, Jr., Qaasim Middleton and Adam Ezegelian.

Votes from this week’s performances will ultimately lead to five men and five women entering the Top 12 next Wednesday, with the judges choosing eliminated contestants to take the last two spots as wild cards. What do you think of tonight’s results?


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