“American Idol” Series Finale Opening Video: Watch “One Voice” Group Performance From Last Episode

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American Idol Finale Opening Video

By Shari Weiss |

American Idol Finale Opening Video


Thursday’s series finale of “American Idol” began with a stunning opening performance from the FOX music competition’s alumni. Watch below!

After 15 seasons and 150 finalists, “American Idol” chose to start its final episode with a group performance that brought back many memorable faces. Former producer Nigel Lythgoe, who returned to oversee the last installment, said before the broadcast that about 50 former contestants were invited to participate in the finale show. And he chose to use many of them for this nostalgic first number.

As Lythgoe explained in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, “Back around season two, we did a Barry Manilow song called ‘One Voice’ as a group number, so I thought how wonderful would that be to do a new arrangement where it starts with one person, then the kids who are in the Top 2 and the Top 3… until the stage is full of more than 50 American Idols.”

“And it’s chilling,” Lythgoe added, going on to predict, “I think within the first four minutes of the show people are gonna be in tears.” Indeed, the moment was incredibly powerful as it played out on stage and on TV.

Gossip Cop will continue to have full coverage of the “American Idol” finale all night, including additional performances and the crowning of the farewell season’s winner. Check out the opening video below!


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