‘American Idol’ Return Sparks Mixed Twitter Reaction

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American Idol Return Twitter Reactions

By Andrew Shuster |

American Idol Return Twitter Reactions

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American Idol” is officially returning to television, it was announced Tuesday. ABC has closed a deal to revive the singing competition show, which originally aired on Fox, but fans of the series and other Twitter users are having a mixed reaction. See tweets below.

The reality show ended its 15-season run on Fox in April 2016, but the big news was announced on “Good Morning America” that ABC will reboot the series for a 16th season later this year. Many fans are happy about the upcoming revival, with one saying, “I honestly feel American Idol will be better on ABC, anyway. Adele needs to be a judge though. She’d be perfect!”

Another person offered, “That’s actually a really smart move by ABC. If the show quality is as high as the earlier seasons were, I’d definitely watch over The Voice.” Meanwhile, one fan exclaimed, “Yay!!! Please bring Ryan Seacrest back as host! We really missed the show this year.” Another Twitter user wrote, “Can’t express how happy I am to see the show coming back.” And another person similarly added, “Happy to see American Idol is coming back.”

However, many Twitter users feel the revival is unnecessary. “American Idol is back proving it’s really the herpes of singing competitions,” joked one person. Another user said, “Of all the things the world needs right now, American Idol is not one of them.” One person asked, “Why bring back American Idol? Now this country is really regressing.” Another user wrote, “American Idol has been one of Fox’s only justifiable cancelations in a decade.” And one person simply suggested, “let it die.” Like it or not, “American Idol” is slated to return sometime this fall.

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