‘American Idol’ Judges Tease Possibility Of Show Returning After “Farewell Season”

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American Idol Return Farewell Season

By Andrew Shuster |

American Idol Return Farewell Season

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“American Idol” is slated to end for good once its current 15th season wraps up, but during a panel held by the Television Critics Association in Pasadena on Friday, judge Jennifer Lopez and host Ryan Seacrest teased the possibility of the show returning at some point in the future.

Season 15 has been dubbed “The Farewell Season,” but Seacrest admitted at the event, “The numbers look great this season. I think we’re all pleased that people are watching and some are perhaps coming back. Does that mean it’s the end? I’m not so sure.”

Lopez added, “You never know with a format like this. It could work at any time. You just go with the moment.” As to whether or not she would return as a judge, if the show were renewed, Lopez revealed, “Hypothetically, if that happened, ‘American Idol’ has a special place in my heart. I’d always consider.” When Seacrest was asked the same question, he responded, “This show is like a family member to me. I love the promise of this show. I love what this show has done.”

It was also revealed during Friday’s “American Idol” panel that Simon Cowell is expected to appear during the (supposed) series finale, and Kelly Clarkson will return to guest judge and perform live on an upcoming episode.


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