“American Idol” Producers Put Katy Perry On “Short Leash”?

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Katy Perry American Idol

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Katy Perry American Idol

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Was Katy Perry put on a “short leash” by “American Idol” producers? That’s what was claimed exactly one year ago today. At the time, Gossip Cop noted it was untrue, and now 12 months later it’s clear how wrong that report was.

On March 25, 2018, OK! alleged there was tremendous concern about Perry because of the “Firework” singer’s remarks and actions at the judges’ table. In an attempt to bolster its premise, the magazine asserted it had a “source” who insisted producers put “Katy on a short leash.” The supposed insider further maintained that it was also “frustrating” for Perry, who was exhibiting “diva behavior.” The main gripe noted back then was that Perry was too “raunchy” for the family-friendly “American Idol.”

The tabloid seemingly manufactured the claim after Perry unexpectedly gave a shy teen contestant named Benjamin Glaze a kiss. And while Glaze would later note on Instagram that he was initially “uncomfortable,” as he had never been kissed before, he added how he was “not complaining” about getting kissed by Perry. Still, the publication used that incident to concoct its angle about Perry receiving a warning from “American Idol” about being too “raunchy.”

Production sources as well as Perry’s rep exclusively assured Gossip Cop back then the singer wasn’t being put on a “short leash,” and now a full 365 days later there’s no question the producers of “American Idol” are letting her do pretty much as she pleases. In fact, the very next day after the tabloid’s tale, Perry made a contestant cry on “American Idol” after she pulled a cruel joke on a girl group, telling the four young women only three would go through to the next round, while one had to voluntarily leave. If Perry has any leash on from the producers of the singing competition show, it’s obviously a very long one.

It bears mentioning, OK! has been unreliable, at other times, with its reporting about Perry. A couple of months after that inaccurate story, the same outlet bizarrely contended Perry and Orlando Bloom went on their honeymoon in Rome. When the tabloid published that article, the couple was not even engaged. And, of course, they still haven’t wed to this day.

Gossip Cop occasionally revisits articles from the year before to show how these reports have stood up over time. The piece about Perry being on a “short leash” at “American Idol” most assuredly did not hold up. Our goal for visitors when looking back at these type of stories is to help them better understand the degree to which certain outlets are trustworthy. Unfortunately, the magazines that make these false claims almost never update or correct their inaccurate information.


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