WATCH: American Idol Contestant Alexis Danielle Granville Faints During Hollywood Week Group Round (VIDEO)

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Alexis Granville Faints American Idol

By Shari Weiss |

Alexis Granville Faints American Idol Video


“American Idol” contestant Alexis Danielle Granville collapsed on Thursday’s episode, during the group round of season 14’s Hollywood Week. Watch the scary video below.

As Gossip Cop reported, more than 200 aspiring singers were given golden tickets to Hollywood during the initial auditions. In the first round in Los Angeles, as seen on Wednesday’s episode, a select group was asked to sing one more time, though no one was eliminated. That only raised the stakes for the second round, in which Harry Connick Jr. revealed about half of them would be cut on the spot.

Adding to the pressure, the artists had to come on stage in sets of 10, with one person singing at a time. Both Wednesday and Thursday’s episode showcased the judges carefully watching each performer, and then eliminating contestants immediately after, and declaring others safe for the next round. Granville appeared shocked when she survived, but the stress became too much for the always-dreaded “group round,” in which the singers have to perform together.

As per usual, some artists struggled to find groups to perform with, and others clashed over what to sing and just how to sing it. For Granville, she fell into the first category. Each time she thought she found a trio to join, “they all just split up and kind of left me,” she told the camera, beginning to cry. She was finally invited to join the group “Sal’s Gals” as the fifth member, but Granville began feeling “dizzy” during the rehearsals and broke down in tears, saying, “Pray for me please.”

After EMTs reassured Granville that she was just suffering from exhaustion and she seemingly bounced back from what Sal deemed a “panic attack,” the contestant “vowed to go out and give a show.” On stage, however, it was immediately clear Granville wasn’t well, and she began to wobble. “Hold her!” Jennifer Lopez yelled out, and as soon as she was led off stage, Granville fainted. And then when she came to, she erupted in sobs once more.

Glanville’s fate in the competition won’t be revealed until next Wednesday’s episode. Note: Video no longer available.


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