America Ferrera “Thanks” Donald Trump For Rallying Latino Community With Mexican Immigrants Comments

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America Ferrera Donald Trump

By Minyvonne Burke |

America Ferrera Donald Trump

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America Ferrera wrote a powerful letter to Donald Trump “thanking” the business mogul and presidential candidate for his offensive comments about Mexican immigrants, in which he called them “criminals” and “rapists,” because he inadvertently rallied the Latino community.

On Thursday, Ferrera penned an open letter to Trump in the Huffington Post, writing, “I heard what you said about the kind of people you think Latino immigrants are — people with problems, who bring drugs, crime and rape to America. While your comments are incredibly ignorant and racist, I don’t want to spend my time chastising you. Instead, I’m writing to say thank you!”

She continued, “You see, what you just did with your straight talk was send more Latino voters to the polls than several registration rallies combined! Thank you for that. Here we are pounding the pavement to get American Latinos to the polls, while your tactic proves most effective. Remarks like yours will serve brilliantly to energize Latino voters and increase turnout on election day against you and any other candidate who runs on a platform of hateful rhetoric.”

The actress then pointed out that Latinos are the largest and youngest group in the U.S., which means they hold a lot of weight at the polls. “You are running for President in a country where the Latino population grew by over 49 percent from 2000-2012, while the rest of the country grew by 5.8 percent. What’s more, we are the future,” said Ferrera, noting, “The median age of the average Latino is 27 years old, compared to 42 years old for white Americans. In case you need a translation, that means there are a whole lot of Americans who are Latino and have the right to vote. And, we’re not going anywhere.”

“This is the America we are actually living in. I hope by now you understand that without the Latino vote, there is no chance of you ever winning this election,” she continued. “That is why racist remarks that play to extremists won’t change the tide, no matter how hard you try. They will only serve to rally more Latino voters to the polls. Your negativity and your poorly thought out speech ignited a fire in our community.”

Ferrera added, “Thank you for reminding us to not sit complacently at home on election day, but to run to the polls and proclaim that there is no place for your brand of racial politicking in our government. Thank you for sending out the rallying cry.”

The actress concluded her letter by telling Trump that his comments made Latinos more determined than ever to “silence” him at the polls because “there is nothing that scares you more.” Ferrera wrote, “No, Mr. Trump, you may not reduce us to drug dealers and rapists. We are moms and dads, sons and daughters. We are valedictorians and honor students. We are college graduates, bankers, police officers, entertainers, teachers, journalists, politicians and we are the future of America.”

Eva Longoria, who was forced to clarify her own remarks about Trump on Wednesday, praised Ferrera on Twitter for her writing. TELL US: What do you think about America Ferrera’s letter to Donald Trump?


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