Amber Rose Sued By Wiz Khalifa’s Mom For Defamation

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Amber Rose Sued Wiz Khalifa Mom

By Shari Weiss |

Amber Rose Sued Wiz Khalifa Mom

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Amber Rose is being sued by Wiz Khalifa’s mom for defamation. The legal dispute is over an alleged phone call that took place in June, and though the news is only spreading now, the lawsuit was actually filed in Pennsylvania in early July.

Kalifa’s mother, Katie Wimbush-Polk, also known as “Peachie,” claims in the suit that Rose accused her of being an unfit and even criminal mother and grandmother during an expletive-laden call to Wimbush-Polk’s friend and former employee, Danesa Letic. It is alleged that when Letic’s 5-year-old niece answered the phone, Rose “launched into a profane attack.”

The phone was then reportedly given to Letic, and it is claimed Rose bad-mouthed Khalifa’s mom to her, even accusing Wimbush-Polk of being responsible for the death of the rapper’s sister earlier this year. According to the suit, Rose alleged Wimbush-Polk was unsuitable for caring for her grandson, 4-year-old Sebastian, whom Rose and Khalifa welcomed in 2013. The lawyer for Wimbush-Polk argues that Rose tried to “impute criminality,” which is “incompatible with her status as a grandmother and her status as a volunteer mentoring at-risk youth.”

Wimbush-Polk maintains her reputation has been tarnished by malicious statements that were intended to cause “harm.” She also claims she’s suffered emotional distress from the contention she contributed to the death of her daughter, who died of complications from lymphoma. As a result, Wimbbush-Polk is seeking at least $50,000 in damages. Rose has not yet responded to the lawsuit, or acknowledged it on social media. As for what sparked the controversial phone call, the lawsuit claims the model wrongly believed Wimbush-Polk reported her to child services in California, according to the Observer-Reporter.

Khalifa and Rose married in July 2013, a few months after Sebastian was born. They separated, however, in September of 2014, and the split was initially nasty. Both sides accused each other of infidelity, but the pair committed to being co-parents and improved their bond. In fact, they later became so close again that there was speculation they were getting back together. There’s no word yet on how Khalifa feels about his mom suing his ex-wife and the mother of his son.

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