Amber Rose “Walk Of No Shame” Funny Or Die Video — WATCH HERE!

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Amber Rose Walk Of No Shame Video

By Shari Weiss |

Amber Rose Walk Of No Shame Video

(Funny or Die)

Amber Rose goes on a “Walk of No Shame” in a new Funny or Die video. Watch below!

Rose been outspoken advocate against slut-shaming in recent months, and is in the midst of organizing her first-ever “Slut Walk.” The model has now teamed up with Funny or Die for an amusing video that turns the “Walk of Shame” into the “Walk of No Shame.” Instead of being made to feel embarrassed about her trip home after a night of sex, Rose is repeatedly praised for getting down and dirty.

The star first emerges from a house barefoot and pulling down her dress with a satisfied smile on her face. A milkman approaches, saying, “It looks to me like you had sex last night!” Rose happily exclaims in reply, “I sure did!” The milkman responds, “Sounds like you’re living your best life!”

An exuberant Rose has similar run-ins as she continues her journey, with a senior citizen proudly telling her, “Nothing I haven’t done before!” A man in truck yells out, “Hey! You’re an inspiration to my daughter!” A little boy in a park even asks, “Mommy, did that woman get f*cked last night?”

A construction worker also tells Rose, “I respect that you enjoyed yourself last night. I think we can all agree: Having sex is fun.” And The mayor runs up to Rose to present her with the key to the city for “the confidence and the choices you make and your ability to celebrate your body.” Perhaps making it all the more amusing is that the video has an old-timey, sitcom-y feel with the way it was shot and the accompanying music. Check it out below, and tell us what you think!


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