Amber Rose Accidentally Tweets Out Her Phone Number (PHOTO)

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Amber Rose Phone Number

By Michael Lewittes |

Amber Rose Phone Number

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Amber Rose may be getting a lot of unwanted phone calls after accidentally tweeting out her phone number. It seems the model meant to direct message someone her number, but instead tweeted it to her 3.2 million followers (and with whomever they shared it). See her tweet below.

On Monday, Rose tweeted, “Here’s my number,” along with the seven digits of her Los Angeles-based phone, and the message, “text me.” She quickly realized her error and deleted the tweet, however, it was screen grabbed by many, including Gossip Cop, which has covered most of the digits. Rose has made no reference to her embarrassing tweet after removing it.

Gossip Cop called the number to make sure it was not some sort of prank, and it definitely isn’t. Clearly, a number of people have being dialing her up because it sounds like she’s since disconnected the number. When you now call Rose’s number, the message associated with it says, “The caller you’re trying to reach is not available.”

Rose should not feel bad. A number of other celebrities have done the same thing. Back in August, Gossip Cop reported when Terry Crews tweeted out his phone number, as well. In 2014, Adam Levine’s number was also tweeted out, but in that case, Blake Shelton did it on purpose.

Amber Rose Phone Number



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