Amber Rose Refuses To Answer Questions About Kardashians, Kanye West On “Watch What Happens Live” (VIDEO)

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Amber Rose Watch What Happens Live Video

By Shari Weiss |

Amber Rose Watch What Happens Live Video


Amber Rose was NOT down to play “Plead The Fifth,” the signature “Watch What Happens Live” game, during her appearance on Sunday’s show. Check out the videos below.

“Plead The Fifth” is usually a staple segment for guests on Andy Cohen’s live late-night talk show. Celebrities face three awkward and intimate questions knowing they can only abstain from answering just one. Rose, however, didn’t want to answer any.

Cohen first asked the model to rank the Kardashian-Jenners, but before he could even get the full question out, Rose interjected, “Plead the fifth. I’m not doin’ it.” Next the Bravo personality referred to one of her Instagram posts and asked her to name one of the people she was talking about when she said there were female artists who wanted to a ton of money to perform at her Slut Walk. “I really don’t want to put them out there, Andy,” Rose responded.

For the last question, as soon as Cohen mentioned Kanye West’s name, Rose interrupted, “I’m not talking about Kanye or the Kardashians at all. I plead the fifth again. I’m using it twice.” That prompted the host to tell her, “Okay, you’ve done the worst job in the history of ‘Watch What Happens Live’ in playing this game. Thank you very much, Amber Rose, for not answering any of our questions.”

But Cohen DID get a little out of her. In a different game called “Amber Pros,” Rose was asked to say one nice thing about people she’s feuded with. For Kim Kardashian, the star offered, “She makes beautiful babies,” and for West she said, “He makes really good music.” Of ex Wiz Khalifa, the father of her son, Rose shared, “He’s a very loving person.”

She struggled a bit with Tyga, though, awkwardly saying, “Uhhh…” Watch the videos below, and tell us what you think. NOTE: The videos are no longer available.


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