Amber Rose Growing Hair Out? (PHOTO)

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Amber Rose Growing Hair Out

By Shari Weiss |

Amber Rose Growing Hair Out

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Amber Rose is NOT growing her hair out, despite a laughably wrong report from a webloid. Gossip Cop can easily correct the site’s embarrassing mistake.

MediaTakeOut exclaims in a headline on Tuesday, “Amber Rose Has Decided To GROW HER HAIR OUT… And You Know What… We Think We LIKE THIS NEW LOOK ON HER!!!” The accompanying story then states, “Amber Rose and her dude Terrence Ross were together this weekend in Atlanta. The pair were reportedly ON THE OUTS during the playoffs, when Terrence was with his baby’s mother. But now that the season’s over — he’s back with Amber.”

But wait. Wasn’t this article supposed to be about Rose growing out her hair? As if MTO suddenly remembered the post’s original premise, the outlet adds, “And speaking of Amber, look at that HAIR. Usually we like her better with shorter hair, but we’re liking that new look!! A new look for her new talk show which is premiering on VH1 in June.”

But wait. Where are the photos of Rose’s hair growing out? There’s just a single picture of the star with her signature buzz cut. Even MediaFakeOut’s own commenters couldn’t help but point out the flubs. “Since MTO can do nothing right, I had to look up the pictures myself,” wrote on reader. And there were a few other not-so-nice messages that Gossip Cop can’t re-print.

And it gets worse. The webloid’s headline isn’t even accurate. Rose didn’t “grow her hair out.” She merely donned a temporary weave, and even gave a shout-out to the lace wig’s creator on Instagram. Not only that, it seems Rose may already be back to her usual look, as evidenced by a new video she posted just hours ago (see below).

So, to recap: MediaTakeOut published a headline about Rose growing out her hair. The story actually had little to do with Rose and her hair. No pictures of said hair were provided. And Rose isn’t actually growing it out. Can it get any more pathetic? NOTE: Video is no longer available.

Thank you @kellonderyck for my beautiful new hair #flawlessillusion @flawlessillusionhair

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Amber Rose is growing her hair out.

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