Amber Rose Embarrassed About Drunkenly Saying Kanye West Doesn’t Write Songs

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amber rose supper club

By Michael Lewittes |

amber rose supper club

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Amber Rose seems to regret recently mouthing off about ex-boyfriend Kanye West at the Supper Club in Los Angeles. The outburst was captured on video and on Friday, the model expressed her remorse with an Instagram picture (below). The still photo was of Steve Carell wincing in an episode of “The Office,” with a note on top of it that read: “my face when someone tells me what I did while I was drunk.” Her caption to the photo further conveyed her embarrassment. She wrote, “Lol Note to self Amber- when ur sh*t faced off the Crown and coke stfu it’s not cute.”

As Gossip Cop previously reported, Rose made a scene at the Los Angeles club when she stood onstage, with mic in hand, and told the DJ to “stop playing n***as [she] used to f**k.” She continued her outlandish rant by dissing West for not writing his own songs.

Rose’s feud with West stems from a radio interview in which he said that he “had to take thirty showers” after dating her, and before he got with Kim Kardashian. Despite tweeting that she wouldn’t stoop to his level of trash-talking, the two have been in an ongoing feud ever since, with Rose publicly aiming her hostility at the Kardashians.

See Amber Rose’s Instagram post about her “not cute” behavior while drunk, and tell us what you think.

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